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Determine the traction and dynamic properties of the car and design the transmission of the car with detailed development of the gearbox design - Kursova

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Coursework for students studying in the specialty 190601. Discipline - Cars. The work contains: Calculation and Explanatory Note - 4 Sheets of Graphic Material- Sheet 1,2 - Traction Dynamic Car Parameters- Sheet 3 - Kinematic Diagram of Transmission - Sheet 4 - Gearbox Assembly Drawing

Project's Content

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1. Design Input

2. Calculation of traction-dynamic parameters of the car

2.1. Calculation and construction of engine external speed characteristic

2.2. Determination of gear ratios of the main gear and gearbox

2.3. Construction of traction characteristic

2.4. Power balance of the car

2.5. Power balance of the car

2.6. Dynamic car passport

2.6.1. Building the dynamic characteristic of the car

2.6.2. Construction of load nomogram

2.6.3. Slip Check Schedule

2.7. Evaluation of vehicle acceleration

2.7.1. Definition of vehicle acceleration

2.7.2. Determining the time and path of acceleration of the car

3. Transmission Design

3.1. Development of transmission kinematic diagram

3.2. Gearbox Gear Module Definition

3.3. Determination of gear numbers of gearbox gears

3.4. Gearbox Strength Calculation

3.5. Shaft Strength Calculation

3.6. Shaft Calculation for Stiffness

3.7. Definition of dynamic bearing lifting capacity

3.8. Selection of gearbox bearings

4. Conclusions and conclusions

5. Bibliographic list


For a number of reasons, Russia's road transport is becoming increasingly important. Cars are widely used in all areas of the national economy, perform a significant amount of transport work, or rather serve to transport goods and passengers.

The most important requirements for the designed machine include cost-effectiveness in manufacture and operation, reliability, rigidity and vibration resistance, and workability of the design. To meet these requirements, all structures are supported by calculations, the most important of which are strength and stiffness calculations.

Conclusions and conclusions

In the presented course design, a truck transmission was designed with a detailed development of the design of a three-speed gearbox. Traction dynamic properties of the car were also determined.

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