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The administrative building is a superstructure of the second and attic floors. Heating and ventilation.

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Project of heating and ventilation of the administrative building (stage A) with general explanatory note. Working project.

Project's Content

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Additional information

Heating and ventilation


This project develops heating and ventilation systems of the second and attic floors of the administrative building along 46 Chervyakova St. The internal sanitary equipment of the building is developed on the basis of volumetric planning, solutions of enclosing structures, climatological characteristics and technical conditions for engineering support in accordance with:

- SNB 4.02.0103 "Heating and ventilation"

- SNiP 2.08.0289 "Public buildings and structures"

- SNB 3.02.0303 "Administrative and domestic buildings"

- SNB 2.04.022000 "Construction climatology"

- TKP 452.04-43-2006 "Construction heat engineering"

The source of coolant is urban heating networks.

Parameters of the heat carrier of 15070 wasps.

Design air parameters for design of heating and ventilation systems:

- during the winter period of year: t=-24os

- in the summer period of the year: t=22,4oC.

Thermal characteristics of enclosing structures:

Heat transfer resistance m2⋅oS/Vt

- external walls of floors 3.2

-coating 6

- window and balcony doors 1


On the second and attic floors of the building, a double-tube horizontal heating system with lower wiring from the ITP is designed.

The heat carrier in a system of heating and heat supply of 9070 wasps.

As heating devices, the MisotStyle aluminum sectional radiators are adopted.

Vertical heating risers are accepted from steel water and gas pipes according to GOST 326275, wiring on floors is hidden, in the floor of polyethylene pipes.

To exhaust air from the heating system, it is planned to install automatic microairwaves on distribution headers and Mayevsky cranes - on heating devices. STAD balancing valves are installed on the supply pipeline for shutdown and regulation of risers, STAP differential pressure regulators with a drain device are installed on the reverse. Heating devices are connected to the heating system pipelines using the P/TP/DZ (KAN) kit. Thermostatic valves VEXAKTET (Heimeier) with thermostatic heads K - on the supply pipeline and isolation valves REGUTECEARE (Heimeier) - on the return pipeline are provided to control heat removal of heating devices.

Heat supply system pipelines shall be insulated.

- anticorrosion coating - bitumen lacquer BT 177 2 times by primer GF021;

- mineral wool cylinders heat insulating Acoterm;

- cover layer - aluminium foil.

Polyphas foam insulation is used for polyethylene pipes in case of their laying in building structures.

Attachment of pipelines, air ducts and sanitary devices is accepted according to B5.0002.1.

Steel sleeves are installed on pipelines at the intersection of floors, internal walls and partitions with subsequent filling of the annular gap (at least 15 mm) between the sleeve and the pipe with glass fiber.

In the building, plenum ventilation with natural and mechanical air inducement is designed.

Air exchanges of rooms are determined by air exchange ratios.

Air ducts of plenum systems shall be made of thin-sheet galvanized steel as per TU 141121584. Transit air ducts of exhaust systems shall be of class P with coating with fire-retardant paint "Agniterm."

Installation of sanitary and ventilation systems shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of TKP 451.03-85-2007.

To remove air from the rooms, a radial fan CT 3554 (Systemair) and a channel fan K315M (Systemair) are used, for air supply - plenum units Alternative.

For giving and removal of air diffusers and RS lattices (Varizh) are provided.

On floor-by-floor prefabricated air ducts at the places of their connection to the vertical manifold there are fire protection valves.


Measures to reduce noise generated by operating ventilation equipment are provided as follows:

- low-noise fans are accepted for installation;

- noise silencers are installed on air ducts;

- fans are separated from air ducts by elastic inserts.


Air ducts are provided from non-combustible materials.

In places where air ducts pass through the floors, cement mortar of grade 150 is provided.

Disconnection of ventilation systems in case of fire is provided.


For the plenum ventilation system, the heat supply is controlled by a three-way valve.

The project provides for the following measures for automation of ventilation systems:

- remote control of supply and exhaust units;

- all ventilation systems are disconnected in case of fire;

- locking of ventilation systems with automatic fire alarm system;

- protection of plenum plant calorifers from freezing;

- control of supply air temperature.


In terms of safety, the project provides for the following measures:

- room sanitation is provided by heating and supply ventilation systems according to GOST 12.1.00588.

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