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Selection of technology and stationary lifting facilities for lowering and lifting operations during drilling and maintenance of oil and gas wells

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Initial data: BUK-225 mobile drilling rig with 225 metric tons capacity with a nominal drilling depth of 4,500 m is designed for drilling of production and exploration oil and gas wells, reconstruction of wells by drilling side boreholes, overhaul of wells in areas with natural climatic conditions characterized by a temperate and cold climate with ambient air temperature from - 45 ° C to + 45 ° C. Max. permissible static load, kN 2207; tower height 39m

Drilling rigs and lifting equipment, as well as their selection and calculation, will be considered in this work. The graphic part contains: General view of the "BUK-225" drilling rig and the process layout of the equipment on the drilling rig. Contents Introduction 1. Literary overview 1.1. Well construction technology 1.2. Rig and drilling equipment 1.3. Optimization of drilling mode 1.3 Technology of lowering lifting operations 1.3.1 Preparation works before lowering lifting operations 1.3.2 Technology of lowering lifting operations 1.4. Analysis of existing structures of stationary lifting facility 1. 5 Design selection of stationary stationary lifting facility 2. Process calculations 2.1. Selection of the drilling rig and calculation of the overhead system 2.2. Selection and calculation of parameters of stationary lifting facility for rotary drilling of wells Conclusion Basic literature

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