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Development of unit cargo reloading technology - Transshipment operations technology and organization

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The purpose of this work is to develop the technology of reloading piece cargoes. In this paper, I present cement overload technology in heat shrink packaging. Boxed goods include a wide variety of goods that are transported and stored packed in packagings or without packagings, in separate places or in packages and containers. Transshipment works performed by port facilities, depending on their nature and place of production, are divided into port and off-port. Port operations include the handling of ships and other modes of transport in the port area and waters, as well as the loading and unloading of ships at clientele berths using the technical means and labor of the port, including ship teams and engaged workers. Off-port is work performed on the territory of other enterprises, as well as on the territory of the port, if they are not related to the processing of goods transported by water.

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