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Redevelopment of the apartment of St. Petersburg, Lantern per., d. 12, sq. 7 - AR

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This project provides for the redevelopment of a five-room apartment into a five-room one. Space redevelopment includes the erection of new partitions with the allocation of new individual spaces.

Project's Content

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Additional information

2. Architectural and construction solutions.

Total area of designed premises 133.4 m2 (before redevelopment) and 131.82 m2 (after redevelopment). The height of the rooms is 3.13 m.

Natural lighting of rooms is carried out through window openings.

This project provides for the redevelopment of a four-room apartment into a two-room apartment, with a change in the area of ​ ​ existing residential rooms. Space redevelopment includes the erection of new partitions with the allocation of new individual spaces.

This project proposes:

Erect new partitions with openings in accordance with plans on AS-3 sheets. Partitions shall be made of metal structures sheathed with gypsum board sheets of Giprok type, 90 mm thick. Refer to AS-6.1 and AS-6.2 sheets for components, fasteners and instructions for partitions erection.

In the newly formed openings, install doors in accordance with the plan and specification of the opening filling elements on the AS-3 sheet.

Perform floors as per parts on AS-5.2 sheet in accordance with floor explication on AS-3 sheet.

The floors in the bathroom and toilet are made of ceramic floor tiles with reinforced waterproofing on the parts on the AS-5.2 sheet.

Before the walls are lined, lay a compensating cord at their base to prevent the transmission of structural noise to the walls.

The front door, at the request of the Customer, can be replaced with a metal one made individually, while retaining the dimensions and colour of the finish.

The ventilation system remains unchanged. The inflow of air is organized through the macro-ventilation system and the microventing of windows, the exhaust - through the existing ventilation channels and the chimney without mechanical inducement .

Dismantling and replacement of wiring in connection with the redevelopment of the apartment should be carried out by a specialized licensed organization in accordance with the requirements of the PUE, within the released electric power.

Decoration of the premises shall be performed in accordance with the decoration list on AS-5.1 sheet from non-combustible and hard-burning materials having hygienic and fire quality certificates and meeting the requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygiene, fire safety standards in force on the territory of the Russian Federation and ensuring safe operation of the facility for life and health of people.

The sound insulation index of the air noise of the main enclosing building structures of the apartment remains unchanged.

The duration of insolation and natural illumination remain in accordance with the design of the residential building.

Heating - existing, remains unchanged. Heating is made from the existing central heating system of a residential building.

Installation of plumbing equipment shall be carried out by a specialized, licensed organization according to the drawings of the "VK" set.

To reduce structural noise, installation of plumbing equipment shall be provided, excluding rigid connections with the main enclosing structures, by means of flexible feed.

The technical solutions adopted in the working drawings comply with the requirements of environmental, sanitary, fire and other standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation, and ensure safe operation of the facility for life and health of people, subject to the measures provided for in the working drawings.

Drawings content

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фонарный 12-7.dwg
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