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Process design of cargo ATP for 300 cars

  • Added: 15.05.2014
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This thesis presents a project of a cargo ATP in Togliatti with a list of cars - 300 pieces (50 cars. - MAZ-5549, 200 cars. - KamAZ-55111, 50 cars. - ZIL-MMZ-4502), a feasibility study of the project was given, a space-planning solution of the production building and the master plan was presented, an ongoing repair zone was developed, a patent search was conducted for devices for pressing out the pivots of the turning knuckles of trucks, a technical assignment was drawn up in the design part of the DP, and a calculation was made for the strength of the main parts of the power mechanism. the technological process for pressing out the pivot of the front axle of the KamaZ-55111 car, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of the project, and economic calculations were made. At the end of the calculations, the relevant conclusions were made

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