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Pneumatic drive 00-000.06 04.04

  • Added: 15.03.2023
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The drive is designed to tighten parts with a force of up to 5 tons during assembly and welding operations. A rod 12 is inserted into the central hole f50 of body 1 and sealed with a cuff 6 using stuffing box cover 5 and screws 17. Fork 4 is assembled with axle 13, washer 20 and cotter pin 22 is screwed all the way into the hole M36 of the pusher 2. After that, the pusher assembly is inserted into the side hole of the body 1 and sealed with an oiled felt ring 24. The long end of the lever 3 is inserted into the groove of the rod 12, which has been pubescent in the lower position, and the short end into the groove of the pusher 2 and is fixed in body 1 using axle 14, washer 21 and cotter pin 23. Piston 10 assembled with cuffs 7, ring 8, pressure disk 11 and bolts 15 is put on rod 12 and clamped with nut 19. To prevent self-unscrewing, bolts 15 and nuts 19 are locked with wire 25. Cover 9 is fastened to body 1 with screws 18. Sealing of the connection is carried out with a cardboard gasket 26. As plugs for technological holes M10x1.25-6H In body 1 and cover 9, screws 16 are used, mounted on minium. The operation of the pneumatic actuator is controlled using a switchgear fixed on the tide of housing 1 to two M16 holes. When compressed air is supplied with a pressure of 4 atm into the cavity under the piston, the latter moves upward together with the rod. The lever 3 rotates around the axis 14, as a result of which the pusher 2 moves down. The reverse movement of the pusher 2 is carried out by supplying compressed air to the cavity under the piston.


Task No. 4 from the album of tasks for completing assembly drawings by V.S. Dukmasova, A.L. Reshetov, V.A. Krasnov, V.N. Kochetkov.


Scope of work: Assembly drawing, Specification 3D models of parts and Assembly (+ spacing of components): 00- SB Pneumatic actuator00- Housing00- .04.04.04 Plug00- Cover00- Seal00- Seal00- Ring00- Cover00- 04.04.11 Disc00- Rod00- Axle00- Axle


Detail drawings:00- Housing00- Pusher00- Lever00- Fork00- Cover00- 04.04.08 Ring00- Cover00- Piston00- Disc00- Rod

Project's Content

icon Шток12.m3d
icon Сборка2.a3d
icon Привод пневматический спец.spw
icon Диск _ 00-
icon Кольцо _ 00-
icon Корпус.cdw
icon Крышка _ 00-
icon Крышка.cdw
icon Манжета 250 _ 00-
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icon Привод пневматический 00-000.06 04.04.00.cdw
icon Рычаг _ 00-
icon Толкатель _ 00-
icon Чертеж 2.cdw
icon Черчеж 3.cdw
icon Вилка4.m3d
icon Диск11.m3d
icon Кольцо6.m3d
icon Корпус.m3d
icon Крышка5.m3d
icon Крышка09.m3d
icon Манжета6.m3d
icon Манжета7.m3d
icon Ось13.m3d
icon Ось14.m3d
icon Поршень 10.m3d
icon Рычаг03.m3d
icon Толкатель02.m3d

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