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Hydraulics is called the science of the laws of motion and equilibrium of liquids (Wikipedia tells us exactly about this) and how these laws can be applied to solving the problems of engineering practice.

There is almost no branch of technology that is not related to the need to move liquids or gases through pipes, channels and various devices. A very small hydroelectric station can drive huge mechanisms that do not seem to be able to be moved from their place by any force. The practical application of hydraulics is huge.

The hydraulics is applied to solve engineering problems in various areas, whether it be construction of hydraulic engineering, water intake constructions, transportation of various substances through pipelines (for example, oil and gas with which all of us live), water supply (water supply system) and water disposal (sewerage), and, certainly, various mechanisms and machines - compressors, pumps, hydraulic presses, etc. Even if you look at living organisms, is it not a collection of communicating vessels, pipelines, pump and hydraulic fluid that circulates in this system?

Obviously, the range of issues that hydraulics covers is huge, and its laws are applied in almost all areas of engineering.
On our website you can download drawings of hydraulic systems and devices.

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