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Plant for processing fish semi-finished products in Nemane- AR, BZD, KR, TX, UPR, EC

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Diploma project-complete set of drawings, explanatory note

Project's Content

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Additional information

1.1 Initial data

The working project on the facility "Workshop for processing fish semi-finished products in the city of Neman" was developed on the basis of a diploma assignment.

The location of the workshop for the processing of fish semi-finished products by the project is provided for in the site, which was previously used for the auto farm with existing buildings located on it (passage, hangar, canopy for machines).

The workshop building is equipped with water supply, sewerage, heating from its own heat source, ventilation, cold supply, power supply, fire alarm.

The responsibility class of the building is II.

The degree of durability is III.

Degree of fire resistance - IV.

Degree of fire resistance of production-auxiliary unit - II.

1.2 Volumetric - Planning Solutions

The technological part of the project of the workshop for processing fish semi-finished products was made with a capacity of 50 tons per day in accordance with SanPiN "Production and sale of fish products" and "Technological instruction for processing fish semi-finished products," developed by a specialized enterprise.

The workshop operates continuously on a three-shift sliding schedule. Shift duration - 8 hours.

The list of employees is 300 people. The number of workers per shift is 75 people, including 50 women and 25 men, ITR and technical personnel 22 people.

The fish semi-finished products processing shop is located in a separate building. The composition and layout of the main production premises is determined by Vichyunai-Rus LLC.


ramp for raw material unloading

raw material refrigerating chamber

dry food warehouse

weighing room

defrostation room

preparation of solution

Production Shop

washing dishes

room for packaging material

refrigerating chamber of finished products

ready product unloading ramp

waste room

accommodation for personnel

laundry place


administrative and technical premises

dining room - distributed for 20 seats using disposable utensils.

production laboratory (physical-chemical, microbiological)

Frozen raw materials and dry products are delivered by road to 20 tons twice a day, unloaded on a closed ramp by electric cars and stored in the raw materials refrigerator and dry products warehouse.

The frozen fish protein is defrosted and fed into the kneading room.

The rest of the raw material (salt, sugar, starch, additives, etc.) is weighed according to the master recipe and supplied to the production line in the production workshop, where all technological operations take place in a continuous flow: cooking, molding, pasteurization, cooling, freezing.

Finished products are packaged in cardboard containers and stored in the refrigerating chamber until sale, exported by auto-refrigerators of 20 tons twice a day.

Technological and sanitary-microbiological control of production and finished products is carried out in the production laboratory of the workshop in accordance with the "Instruction on sanitary-microbiological control of the production of food products from fish and marine invertebrates" and the sanitary rules SP 1.2.73199 "Safety of work with microorganisms of groups III - IV pathogenicity and helminths."

The production laboratory is designed to work with microorganisms of pathogenicity group III.

When processing fish semi-finished products, only waste from packaging materials is formed, which are temporarily stored in the waste room, and then exported to the city landfill under an agreement with the housing and communication services of the city..

The workshop for processing fish semi-finished products has in plan dimensions of 90m x 50m, one-story, two-span, span length - 25 meters, height of the workshop to the bottom of projecting structures 5.4 m.

In the production building there is one production workshop with an area of ​ ​ 2051.03 m2, refrigerating chambers with an area of ​ ​ 29.80 m2, 449.09 m2 and 986.40 m2, corridors, ramps, auxiliary rooms.

To the left of the main entrance at the end of the production building there is an administrative - household block with dimensions in the plan of 27 m x 50 m, in which there are rooms, household rooms, bathrooms, showers, a dining room - a dispensary, rooms for sanitary treatment of clothes, laboratories. The height of these rooms is 3 m. The building of the workshop and ABK is one-story, frame, without a basement, with a technical attic room.

To the right of the main entrance along the axis "25" to the building is attached a production - auxiliary unit with plan dimensions of 15 m x 45 m, this unit includes: a boiler room with liquid fuel, a room for storing stove fuel, a compressor room, a workshop, a packing material room, a transformer substation, a corridor. The height of the premises is 5.5 m and 4.4 m. The building is one-story without a basement, with an operated flat roof.

The building of the main production building and the administrative - domestic block have an IV degree of fire resistance, the building of the production - auxiliary block - II.

1.3 Design Solutions

Structural elements of the building in axes "124" are performed:

- foundations - padded cast-in-situ railway piles with a length of 6 and 4 m are arranged using a casing metal pipe with a fifth. Pedestals for columns from monolithic railway and ribbon .

- building frame - metal, consists of rafter trusses with a length of 25m, 15m and 10m; substructure trusses 10 m long and 7.5 m long with support on steel columns. Trusses are designed from steel bent profiles of closed rectangular section. Columns - steel from rolling I-beams of box section from two channels and from steel bent closed profile of rectangular section.

Lower belts of rafter trusses are fastened by vertical ties and struts, metal runs, cross ties and struts are laid along upper belt of trusses, which provides spatial rigidity of overlapping disk. The project also provides vertical cross links along the columns of the structural frame.

- external walls from the level of the top of the pile walls to the level of the top of the floor are made of railway basement plates, above - from wall panels of the Metalloplast plant of the Republic of Poland of the Sandwich type with a thickness of 80 mm (polyurethane foam insulation in steel sheathing);

- internal walls and partitions of wall panels 60 mm, 120 mm thick. The walls of the refrigerating chambers are adopted with a thickness of 160 mm. Fire-prevention walls on an axis "6" and "Zh" of wall panels 120 mm thick with nonflammable heater from stone cotton wool like "Paroc".

The block of production and auxiliary premises in axes "2425" is separated from the main production building along the axis "24" by a brick fire wall.

The production and auxiliary unit is provided from structures corresponding to the building of the II degree of fire resistance:

- on the pile base tape pile-bars are made, then brick walls and railway coverings with a soft roll roof. Walls are insulated from the outside with stone wool and sheathed with steel profile sheets.

Along the perimeter of the building, when entering the premises, monolithic railway stairs with platforms and ramps for transformer, packaging and workshop rooms are arranged.

Windows in the building were used of individual manufacture with a single-chamber glazing package made of ordinary glass in PCV bindings and stained glass windows for ABK in the axes "AD" and "15" in aluminum bindings.

External doors of individual manufacture are insulated plastic, internal ones are also made of plastic, except for special-purpose doors installed in fire walls and made of metal with a fire resistance limit EJ60. There are also special metal doors in the transformer substation and in the refrigerating chambers (insulated with automatic and manual opening). Heat engineering characteristics of the applied designs of walls, overlappings, floors, windows and doors meet the requirements Construction Norms and Regulations of II379.

1.4 Architectural and artistic solutions

Internal walls, partitions and ceilings made of Sandwich panels do not require additional decoration. The walls in the industrial annex room are plastered, the ceilings are masked and all surfaces are covered with emulsion paint, in the bathrooms and shower walls are lined with ceramic tiles.

Floors in most rooms are concrete monolithic of the "Koradur" type, in domestic rooms made of ceramic tiles, in administrative rooms - carpet, with fire - technical characteristics of groups B1, D1.

Floors with polystyrene foam insulation are provided in the rooms of refrigerating chambers.

Exterior finishes for Sandwich wall panels are not required. The walls of a production and auxiliary extension made of brick with insulation with stone cotton wool and plating with profiled steel sheet also do not require additional finishing.

1.5 Engineering and sanitary equipment

1.5.1 Heat supply

Building heating system with automatic fuel flow control. The heat supply source is an autonomous boiler house operating on liquid fuel in an automated mode. The boiler house is located in the production and auxiliary unit of the building adjacent to the main production workshop.

Heat Flux Distribution -

Collector in the part of the building in axes "1 - 6," where administrative - household and auxiliary premises of the production workshop are located;

From the main network of the heating system for part of the building in the axes "24 - 25," where the production and auxiliary unit of the workshop is located;

Main networks of heating systems are connected to manifolds T1 and T2 in the boiler room.

Coolant - water with parameters 90/70 0С.

Heating systems:

water, double-tube, dead end, heating devices: panel radiators located under windows and along partitions, convectors - under windows..

air, combined with ventilation for production premises.

Installation of heating system pipelines in the part of the building in axes

"1 - 6" from distribution headers to panel radiators and convectors is made of polyethylene pipes laid in the floor in a corrugated protective pipe. Main pipelines and risers to headers, as well as heating systems of part of the building in axes "2425" are installed from steel electric welded pipes - GOST 1070491 and water and gas pipes - GOST 326275 *.

Heat supply of heating heaters from the boiler room. Coolant - water with parameters 90/70 0С.

Installation of heat supply pipelines of heaters is made of steel electric welded pipes GOST 1070491. Main pipelines are laid in the attic of the building. Distance between the sliding support: Ø76x3 - 5.0, Ø57x3 - 2.5 m;

1.5.2 Ventilation

In the production shop, a general supply and exhaust ventilation system with artificial impulse, automatic control of air flow depending on the change in excess heat and humidity entering the room during production processes.

The plenum system is combined with air heating.

The production workshop is served by ventilation plants: exhaust, plenum - recovery, plenum.

The ventilated area of the workshop is divided into heat and moisture release zones.

Separation of zones is carried out by thermal curtains (lightweight partitions) hanging from the ceiling to elevations 2.50 - 2.80. In the defrostation room for intensification of thawing process warm air from the system.

In administrative - domestic and auxiliary rooms in axes "17," general supply and supply ventilation with artificial impulse and automatic temperature control. In the auxiliary rooms, according to the technological part of the project, local suction is installed in the rooms: the dining room - distribution room, chemical laboratory, sterilization, microbiological laboratory, as well as solution preparation. In the production room, between axes, under the ceiling at el. 2.50 - 2.80 in the vertical plane, lightweight partitions (heat curtains) are installed, dividing the workshop into zones of priority thermal and humidity modes.

Administrative and household and auxiliary rooms in the axes "17" serve ventilation systems: plenum and exhaust.

Air ducts in the production housing are laid along the attic, supply diffusers are installed in the ceiling of the room.

Air ducts in domestic and auxiliary rooms are laid under the ceiling of corridors and utility rooms, diffusers and grids for air inflow and exhaust in walls or in air ducts.

Fire protection in case of fire. Smoke system PV1 is provided in the corridor of administrative and auxiliary premises, which removes smoke in case of fire in the amount of 17,500 m3/h. system consists of a roof fan, a check valve, the air duct has fire resistance of 0.5 hours, a smoke receiving device in the ceiling of the corridor.

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