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Overhaul of sewerage, water supply and power supply networks, OPS networks

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IC grade drawings and explanatory note

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Additional information

5.2. Water supply system

a) information on existing and projected sources of water supply.

The source of water supply of the building is the existing external water supply networks of Krasnoyarsk.

b) information on existing and designed zones of protection of drinking water supply sources, water protection zones.

Information is missing. The section was not developed.

c) description and characteristics of the water supply system and its parameters.

The building designed a combined system of potable and fire-fighting water supply. The water supply system of the building is dead end with lower wiring. The building is connected to the existing networks with one line Dn = 50mm. The water temperature in the drinking water supply network does not exceed + 6 ° С

d) information on the estimated (design) water consumption for household and drinking needs.

The design consumption for household needs is 1.11 m3/h. Water flow rate for internal fire extinguishing is accepted - 1 jet 2.5 l/s.

e) information on design (design) water consumption for production needs.

This public purpose object. The section was not developed.

f) information on the actual and required head in the water supply network, design solutions and engineering equipment that provide the co-building of the required water head.

The required head in the water supply network at the entrance to the building is 30 m. The actual head position is not specified in the specification.

g) information on pipe materials of water supply systems and measures to protect them from aggressive impact of soils and groundwater.

The main pipelines and risers of the fire-fighting water supply system are accepted from steel pipes ∅57kh3.5, ∅40kh3.5 according to GOST 1070491 and GOST 326275 *, respectively. Polypropylene pipes PN20 PPRC Type 3 GOST R 521342003 should be used to supply water to sanitary devices. Steel pipes should be treated with anti-corrosion composition, polypropylene pipes do not need corrosion protection.

h) information on water quality.

Water in the water supply system shall meet the requirements. SanPin "Drinking water. Hygienic requirements for water quality of centralized drinking water supply systems. Quality control. "

and) a list of measures to ensure established water quality indicators for various consumers.

Water in the water pipeline meets the requirements of consumers and does not require measures to ensure the established indicators of water quality.

k) list of water redundancy measures.

There are no measures to reserve water.

l) list of measures for water consumption accounting.

To account for water consumption in the basement room of the metering unit, a water metering unit with an electric valve installed on it is located at elevation 1,300.

m) description of the water supply automation system.

There is no automation of the water supply system in the building.

n) list of measures for rational use of water and its saving.

In order to manage and save water, it is necessary to:

- timely maintenance of water supply networks;

- monitor the condition of the pipes for corrosion and wear of the pipeline;

- perform preventive leak check of soldered joints of pipes.

a) description of the hot water supply system.

Hot water supply of the building is provided from the elevator unit. Dead end hot water supply system with lower wiring

p) design hot water flow rate.

The design flow rate of hot water for household needs is 1.11m3/h.

p) description of the recirculated water supply system and measures ensuring reuse of heated water heat.

There is no return water supply system in the building.

c) balance of water consumption and water disposal by object

This public purpose object. The section was not developed.

t) balance of water consumption and water disposal by object

This public purpose object. The section was not developed.

5.3. Water disposal system

a) information on existing and projected sewage systems, wastewater disposal and wastewater treatment plants.

Sewerage of the building is carried out in the external sewerage networks of Krasnoyarsk. Cleaning of domestic effluents is not provided.

b) substantiation of adopted systems for collection and disposal of waste water, volume of waste water, concentrations of their contaminants, methods of preliminary treatment, used reagents, equipment and equipment.

Domestic sewage of the building does not need additional cleaning before discharging into sewage networks.

c) substantiation of the accepted procedure for collection, disposal and disposal of waste.

Disposal and disposal of waste from the building is not provided.

d) description and substantiation of the sewer piping layout.

Internal sewer networks are laid open along the walls of the rooms. In the basement, the main pipeline is laid under the ceiling.

e) decisions on storm sewage and the estimated amount of rain runoff.

All storm sewage solutions are developed in section GP.

f) decisions on collection and discharge of drainage water.

Solutions for collection and removal of drainage water are not developed.

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