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Opening and development of the Oryol deposit by underground method

  • Added: 06.11.2021
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The Oryol field is located on the territory of the East Kazakhstan region, 135 km northwest of the regional center - Ust-Kamenogorsk and 40 km northeast of the regional center of Borodulikha.

Currently, in accordance with the project "Opening and development of the lower horizons of the Oryol field (to replenish outgoing capacities)," the reserves of the lower horizons of the Oryol field have been opened:

- horizons 10, 11 - the central-located shafts of the mines "Orlovskaya," "Skipovaya," and the flank shafts of the mines "Severnaya" and "Yuzhnaya";

- horizon 12 - shafts of mines "Orlovskaya," "Skipovaya," "Blind" and transport slopes;

- horizon 13 - by the shaft of the Blind mine and transport slopes;

- horizon 14 partially opened by transport slopes.

Reserves of the Main deposit up to 12 horizons are opened by the main vertical and horizontal workings. Reserves below the 13th horizon are opened by a transport slope from the 12th horizon and a shtreck on which the drainage complex is located. To ventilate the drainage complex, a ventilation rebound was passed.

The purpose of this diploma project is - marketing support for mining during the development of the Oryol field

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