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NC Machine Setup Card

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Course on technology. Contains the manufacturing routing of the part as well as drawings of the part itself, explanatory note

Project's Content

icon Деталь, заготовка, эскизы.frw
icon Расчётно-наладочная карта.cdw
icon Ведомость.bak
icon Ведомость.cdw
icon КН УП 1.bak
icon КН УП 1.frw
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icon Маршрутная карта 1.DOC
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icon Опер. карта (фрез).DOC
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icon Форма 5 с пр..doc
icon Форма 5а с пр..doc
icon Карта эскизов1.docx
icon Карта эскизов.DOC
icon Пояснительная записка.docx

Additional information



1 General section

1.1 Purpose and design of the part

1.2 Part Analysis for Processability

2 Process section

2.1 Definition of production type

2.2 Procurement selection, feasibility study

2.3 Development of part machining route

with equipment selection

2.4 Calculation of allowances

2.5 Calculation of cutting modes

2.6 Calculation of time standards

2.7 Development of calculation and adjustment map for CNC machine

2.8 Development of control program for CNC machine



Appendix A. Process Documentation Package


Sustainable, progressive development of industry is largely determined by the technological progress of instrument making. For industry, it is necessary to increase the output of instrument making products and improve its quality. This growth is carried out mainly due to the intensification of production based on the wide use of science and technology, the use of progressive technologies. Increasing production efficiency is possible by introducing CNC machines.

Technological progress in instrument making is characterized not only by an improvement in the design of machines, but also by a continuous improvement in the technology of their production. It is important to manufacture the machine qualitatively, economically and in a given time frame with minimal labor costs.

The development of new advanced materials processing processes contributes to the design of more modern machines and reduce their cost. The task of improving the quality of manufactured machines and, first of all, their accuracy is relevant. In instrument making, accuracy is especially important for improving the operational quality of machines. Ensuring the specified accuracy is the responsible task of designers, and its technological support at the lowest cost is the main task of technologists.

Course design is an integral part of the instrument technology course. Course design is a complex work, including the development of the process of processing a part of a machine with CNC, the design of machine equipment, the design of a machine tool and an auxiliary tool. Performing the necessary technical and economic calculations, as well as solving a number of other problems.

The purpose of the design is not only to consolidate, deepen and summarize the knowledge gained at the previous stages of the study of subjects, but mainly to acquire practical skills in solving various technological problems of preparing the production of machine parts and developing technical documentation .

As the basic version of the project, the part processing technology and equipment of the current production process are used.


In this course project in the discipline "Design of technological processes for processing materials on machine tools and automatic lines," I changed the basic technological process of part "Gear" No. 501701224, that is, in some way changed the method of its subsequent processing. And with this example, he strengthened his knowledge in this subject .

As a method of obtaining a workpiece for the reference part, I was faced with the choice between forging on hammers and stamping on the MCP. From the point of view of economic effect and achieving the best indicators, I focused on stamping on the GSCP, thereby confirming the appropriateness of the method used at the manufacturer to obtain blanks for this part. The reasons were such important factors as the achievement of a relatively high value of the material utilization coefficient, a better quality of the obtained surfaces, which after stamping are better treatable, compared to forging on hammers. Also, by choosing this method, we provide relatively fast production of blanks with a pre-punched hole, which makes it possible not to spend additional time on additional processing of this part, and save the enterprise money.

The fact of using CNC equipment in the new process is also important, which corresponds to modern trends in the development of mechanical engineering. The equipment was selected in such a way that the selected machines clearly perform their functions, there are no overloads of the machine in terms of power and other indicators, and the maximum capabilities of the machine just allow us to perform exactly the operations on these machines that we need.

Thanks to all these and other changes, we have achieved a great economic effect in the production of a gear part. Reduced production time of finished part, number of workers, quantity of tool used, tooling, number of machines, and operations in machining process. And all this with the constant quality of the obtained part.

Drawings content

icon Деталь, заготовка, эскизы.frw

Деталь, заготовка, эскизы.frw

icon Расчётно-наладочная карта.cdw

Расчётно-наладочная карта.cdw

icon Ведомость.cdw


icon КН УП 1.frw

КН УП 1.frw

icon КН УП 2.frw

КН УП 2.frw
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