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Mangal with Cossack on plasma

  • Added: 24.10.2014
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Details of the mangal in dxf format. There is no assembly.

Project's Content

icon торец 2.dxf
icon торец 3.dxf
icon торец.dxf
icon боковина 1.dxf
icon боковина.dxf
icon боковинка 1.dxf
icon боковинка.dxf
icon дно 1.dxf
icon дно 2.dxf
icon дно 3.dxf
icon дно казан верх.dxf
icon дно пер.dxf
icon дно.dxf
icon подставка под столик.dxf
icon столик.dxf
icon торец 2 шт..dxf
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