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KL-6kV Construction Project for Power Supply to Rail Depot

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Construction project of 6kV cable line for power supply to the rail warehouse: - explanatory note; set of working drawings

Project's Content

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icon Проект строительства КЛ-6кВ для электроснабжения прирельсового склада.dwg

Additional information

General part

The electrical part is developed on the basis of:

design tasks;

Specifications No. 21/253174 dated 26.12.2007 issued by OP "Balakhninsky Electric Networks";

pre-design works performed;

materials of design surveys;

current regulatory documents on the design, construction and operation of electrical networks.

Connected power 200 kW according to specification No. 21/253174 dated 26.12.2007 Consumers of the facility according to the reliability of power supply belong to category II, according to the specifications No. 21/253174 dated 26.12.2006.

The project provides for:

KL6kV structure from VL604 with a length of 0.51 km each from LEP604 to the TP under construction.;

KL6kV structure from VL609 with a length of 0.43 km each from LEP609 to the TP under construction.;

installation of additional tilts on op. No. 11 VL609 and op. No. 12 VL604;

installation of line disconnectors at op.11,12 towards TP Malachite LLC;

installation of overvoltage limiters on 0.4kV busbars under construction by TP.

Install KTP 2x250 with cable entry of pass-through type on the aircraft, Refer to Appendix 1

Install FTP on foundations of reinforced concrete blocks (diagram attached)

Design climatic conditions

Design climatic conditions for the designed KL6kV are adopted on the basis of PUE2.0g, regulatory materials and experience of operation of the CL in this area.

Air temperature:

maximum + 40 ° С;

minimum 40 ° С;

with ice at 5 ° C;

average annual + 5 ° С.

6kV cable line

The cable on projected by C is accepted by AABl 3х120 according to calculation.

Cable lines from VL604 and VL609 to the 2x250 KTP under construction shall be laid along the bottom of the trench made to a depth of 0.7 m on a sandy base of 200mm, sprinkled with a layer of sand 100mm and protected with brick along the entire length of the route across the cables.

The intersection with the N.Novgorod-Ivanovo highway should be performed in the PVC pipe D100mm using a trenchless method. Backfill the trench with a layer of soil that does not contain stones and construction debris to the natural planning mark.

Structural design

According to the data provided by the Customer, and engineering survey materials, the design solutions shown in the drawings 04/0208RD02 have been identified and made.

At the point of connection of Malachite LLC to VL604, replace support No. 12 and support No. 11 VL609 type P104 with supports of type A102 with a bow.

Install linear disconnectors LRND10/400 and overvoltage limiters on newly mounted supports in the direction of unsealing at TP Malakhit LLC.

From the stripping supports No. 11 and 12 VL609 and VL604, lay 6kV cable lines with AABl 3x120 cable in the trench. Intersections with the N.Novgorod-Ivanovo highway and railway routes should be performed using the closed method of trenchless puncture in PVC pipes D100mm.

The choice of section on KL6kV is made, proceeding from the maximum allowed losses of tension in elements of KL6kV networks.

The largest voltage losses at the end of the designed line were 2.14%, while voltage deviations at electric power receivers in normal mode within the normal range.

Environmental protection

The project was developed taking into account the requirements of legislation on nature protection and the basis of land legislation of the Russian Federation.

The designed HF is constructed for transmission and distribution of electric power at 6kV voltage. This process is waste-free and is not accompanied by harmful emissions into the natural environment (both air and water). Production noise and vibrations are absent.

In accordance with the "Sanitary norms and rules for protecting the population from the influence of the electric field," approved by the Main Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of 28.02.1984 No. 2971, protection of the population from the influence of the electric field created by AC power transmission cable lines is not required.

In accordance with 14278 TMT1 "Norms for land drainage for electrical networks with a voltage of 0.38750kv," permanent land removal is not carried out and, since the lands of settlements are not included in farmland, the reclamation of the latter is not provided for by the project.

6. Health and Safety

Labor safety in construction and operation is ensured by the implementation of all design solutions in strict accordance with SNII480, SniP 120399, the requirements of which take into account the conditions of labor safety, prevention of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, fires and explosions.

Construction, installation, commissioning and operation of electrical installations should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the "Safety Rules for the Construction of Power Lines and Electrical Installation" RD 34.03.28597 and "Safety Rules for the Operation of Electrical Installations."

Mutual arrangement of the designed and operating KL6kV with indication of the distances between them and the situation, as well as safety measures are given on the drawings of the route and intersection plan.

Fire safety KL6kV and KTP 2h250 is provided with application of fireproof designs, automatic shutdown of short circuit currents, grounding.

Drawings content

icon Проект строительства КЛ-6кВ для электроснабжения прирельсового склада.dwg

Проект строительства КЛ-6кВ для электроснабжения прирельсового склада.dwg

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