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Frame of trolley of VL8 electric locomotive

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The mechanical part of the electric locomotive is designed to accommodate electric, pneumatic, braking equipment and control panels, as well as to perceive and transmit horizontal longitudinal and transverse forces, transfer and distribution of vertical loads from the weight of the electric locomotive to the track and ensure the movement of the electric locomotive along the rail track. It consists of a body and trolleys. Bogies are articulated, mechanically connected to each other, and not articulated. If the automatic couplers are on the frame of the trolley, the joint is designed to transmit longitudinal forces of traction, braking, and the body does not perceive and transmit longitudinal forces. In cases where the automatic couplers are mounted on the body frame, the uncoupled bogies or bogies with elastic transverse connection are used, the body frame receives from the bogies and transmits horizontal longitudinal forces to the automatic couplers. The main components of the trolley: frame, wheelsets with axle boxes and axle box suspension. Traction motors with traction gears and braking equipment are installed on trolleys. Bogie frames are designed for transmission and distribution of vertical loads between wheelsets by means of suspension, perception and transmission of traction and braking forces, as well as horizontal transverse forces, ensuring correct stability of wheelsets, fastening of traction motors, suspension elements and braking equipment. The main elements of the bogie frame are longitudinal beams, transverse pivot and end beams. End transverse beams of frames of articulated bogies serve for arrangement of automatic coupling device or attachment of joint. In unattached trolleys, the end beams serve to give the trolley the necessary frame stiffness, brake equipment parts are attached to them, and the roller of the anti-unloading device acts on them.

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