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Food and commercial store with a total shopping area of ​ ​ 468m2 of the shopping center for the village for 3,500 residents-AR

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Course project. Two drawings, explanatory note

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. Characteristics of the building. Source Data

2. Master Plan

3. Space Planning Solution

4. Constructive solution

5. Engineering equipment

6. Heat Engineering Calculation

7. Space Explication

8. Special events

9. Door Opening Explication

10. Floor Slab Explode

11. Literature

2. Master Plan.

The designed building is located in the village of Boguchany. There is a choir. Nearby are civilian-type buildings. There is a parking lot for personal and official vehicles, located next to the designed building

3. Volume-planning solution.

1. The form of the building plan is simple geometric.

2. Dimensions between floors: The level of the ground floor is taken as the relative elevation. The height of the building from the level of the clean floor is 9.9 m. The height of the floor is 3.0 m.

3. Structural system - skeleton. There is an attic and basement room.

4. Constructive solution.

The roof is flat, unvented with a roll roof. The watershed is organized through external watersheds.

Foundations - monolithic from concrete M100, monolithic reinforced concrete glass-type .

Slabs - prefabricated reinforced concrete ribbed panels, I.4567, issue 3, topsamperes1.

Partitions - gypsum concrete, gypsum cement concrete, armokirpic.

Stairs - from prefabricated reinforced concrete elements according to the series JESUS 047. The external staircase is monolithic, reinforced concrete.

Jumpers - prefabricated reinforced concrete, series 1.1391, issue 1, monolithic reinforced concrete, type dimensions - 5.

Coating - of precast reinforced concrete round-empty panels according to the series 1.1415s, issue 1, standard sizes - 2.

Doors - according to the 1.13610 series, album I and 2, sizes - 5.

Windows with paired bindings according to the series I.2361, sizes - 1.

External decoration - masonry from ordinary brick with cutting of seams, terrasite plaster.

Interior decoration - oil coloring of panels, lime whitewash, lining with glazed tiles.

The largest mass of the structure is the floor panel 2, 07 tons.

5.Engineering equipment.

Water supply - domestic drinking water from the local network, design head at the inlet 10.5m. waters. St.

Hot water supply - from the local heating network.

The sewerage - hozyaystvenno - household in settlement network.

Heating - central water - from an external source. Coolant parameters in the local system 95 - 70 С.

Ventilation is influential, with mechanical and natural motivation.

Electrical lighting - from local low-voltage networks with a voltage of 380/220 V.

Lighting - fluorescent, incandescent lamps.

Low-current devices - radiating, telephoning, fire alarm.

Elevator - cargo, small, lifting capacity 150 kg.

8. Special events

8.1. Fire-prevention

The building provides structural, volumetric and engineering solutions that provide in case of fire:

• The ability to evacuate people regardless of their age and physical condition outside to the area adjacent to the building (further outside) before the threat to their life and health due to exposure to fire hazards;

• Possibility of saving people;

• Possibility of access of personnel of fire departments and supply of fire extinguishing equipment to the fire center, as well as carrying out measures to save people and material assets;

• Fire prevention on nearby buildings, including in case of burning building collapse;

Evacuation is a process of organized independent movement of people outside the premises, in which there is a possibility of exposure to fire hazards. Evacuation should also be considered a non-self-sufficient movement of people belonging to low-mobility groups, carried out by service personnel. Evacuation is carried out along evacuation routes through evacuation exits.

According to the requirements of SniP 210197, the following measures have been taken:

• Evacuation routes within the premises ensure safe evacuation of people through evacuation exits.

Exits are evacuation if they lead:

a) from the first floor room outside:

through the corridor;

through the lobby (lobby);

through a stairwell;

through the corridor and lobby;

through the corridor and stairwell;

b) from the premises of any floor except the first:

directly into the stairwell;

into the corridor leading directly to the stairwell;

into the lobby (lobby), which exits directly into the stairwell.

The number and total width of evacuation exits from the premises, from the floors and from the building are determined depending on the maximum possible number of people evacuated through them and the maximum permissible distance from the most remote place of possible stay of people (workplace) to the nearest evacuation exit .

The building has II degree of fire resistance.

To evacuate people from the building in the project, the following measures were taken:

The building has 6 evacuation exits;

Opening of doors is provided towards evacuation;

The building has access to the roof;

The width of the corridors is 2 m.

The width of the flight of stairs is 1.2 m.

The width of the doors is 1.2 m.

Staircases have access outside to the area adjacent to the building.

8.2 Antiseismic.

Seismic impacts can take any direction in space.

The designed building is simple geometrical. For buildings and structures of simple geometric shape, design seismic loads are accepted acting horizontally in the direction of their longitudinal and transverse axes. Action of seismic loads in specified directions is taken into account separately.

In this building, the structure that receives the horizontal seismic load is: a frame with vertical connections, stiffening diaphragms.

Rigid units of reinforced concrete frames of buildings are reinforced by the use of welded grids.

Sections of girders and columns adjoining rigid frame units at a distance equal to one and a half height of their section are reinforced by closed transverse reinforcement after 100 mm.

Light curtain panels are used as enclosing wall structures of frame buildings.

Partitions, connections between individual structures, as well as process equipment fasteners, are calculated for horizontal seismic load.

Staircases are provided closed. The location and number of staircases are determined based on the results of calculation performed in accordance with SNiP according to fire safety standards of buildings and structures design.

Hardness of precast reinforced concrete floors and coatings is ensured by:

connection of slabs and coatings, and pouring of seams between slabs with cement mortar;

devices of connections between plates and frame elements, which perceive tensile and shear forces arising in seams.

Side faces of slabs and coatings have corrugated surface. Reinforcement outlets and embedded parts are provided in the plates for communication with frame elements.

Drawings content

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