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Electrification of production processes in the calf room

  • Added: 17.07.2016
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The diploma project contains a calculation explanatory note and 5 sheets of graphic material.

Project's Content

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icon 5.docx
icon 6.docx
icon 7.docx
icon 8.docx
icon 9.docx
icon висновок.docx
icon вступ.docx
icon зміст.docx
icon література.docx
icon чертеж 1.spl7
icon чертеж 2.spl7
icon чертеж 3.spl7
icon чертеж 4.dwg
icon Чертеж 5..dwg

Additional information

Drawings content

icon література.docx

icon чертеж 4.dwg

чертеж 4.dwg

icon Чертеж 5..dwg

Чертеж 5..dwg
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