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Disc hopper loading device with pockets

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1 Analysis of automatic control system

1.1 Basic definitions and concepts

1.2 Principle of system operation

1.3 Type of system

1.4 Functional and structural diagrams of the system

1.5 Differential equation of the system. Steady State Error

1.6 Amplitude-phase characteristic of links and system

1.7 Logarithmic frequency characteristics of links and systems

1.8 System stability check

1.8.1 Hurwitz criterion

1.8.2 Nyquist Test

1.9 System stability area

2 Characteristics of process equipment

3 Design and calculation of the automated device included in the machine module


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Technological progress in mechanical engineering largely determines the development of the country's industry. Increasing the efficiency of machine-building production provides automation. The creation and introduction into production of the latest machine designs, mechanisms and devices that meet modern world standards are possible with high-performance automated and automatic equipment. With the introduction of automated progressive technological processes into production, CNC machines, industrial robots (PR), flexible production systems (GPS) controlled from computers are increasingly used.

The main requirement for automation of production in mechanical engineering is its flexibility, that is, the ability to quickly re-establish itself for the manufacture of other types of parts.

The purpose of the course work is to consolidate and deepen the knowledge of the disciplines obtained during the study: "Theory of automatic control," "Automation of production processes in mechanical engineering" and their application to solving specific engineering problems. As well as acquiring the skill of analyzing existing automatic control systems and designing technological equipment in the conditions of automated production.

Basic definitions and concepts

The control object is the technical device in which the

automatic control. In this diagram, such an object is an actuator.

The control object is always supplied with a regulatory body.

A regulator is a device that maintains a given parameter. The regulator is the engine.

A sensing element is a device that measures the actual value of an adjustable value. This role in the circuit is performed by the output potentiometer.

Feedback is the effect of the control system output on the input.

System Type

This system, in accordance with the existing classification of ATS, refers to:

1.By the principle of regulation

by deviation (by error);

2. On the use of additional energy sources

indirect control system, since we use an auxiliary amplifier device;

3.By the nature of the regulatory impact change

automatic stabilization system;

4. By the presence of additional feedback

Single-loop system, since only one fixed asset

5.By number of adjustable values

one-dimensional system;

6. Depending on the idealization of the mathematical description

nonlinear, continuous;

7. By the nature of the signal

continuous operation system;

8.By type of dependence between value of controlled parameter and value of external impact

astatic system;

9.By type of energy used

electromechanical system;

10. By the nature of the adjustable value

adjusting the turning angle;

11. According to the law of regulation

by proportional - differential law.


In this course work, an analysis of the automatic control system was carried out with the parameters specified in the task, the characteristics of the system according to the classification of ATS were also given, the principle of operation of this system was described.

Amplitude-phase characteristics were built, as well as LAX and LFCh for the links included in the system. Two Hurwitz and Nyquist criteria were analysed for sustainability, and the system was found to be unsustainable for these two criteria.

We got acquainted with the main technical characteristics of the model 1716PF4 multi-purpose lathe, which will process blanks supplied from the hopper loading device.

As an automated device included in the machine module, a hopper loading device with pockets is designed and calculated.

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icon Дисковое бункерное загрузочное устройство с карманами.cdw

Дисковое бункерное загрузочное устройство с карманами.cdw
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