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Development of the main movement drive of the horizontal milling machine

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Coursework on the topic: "Development of the drive of the main movement of the horizontal milling machine"

Project's Content

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Additional information




Basic Machine Information

Overview of Designed Type Machines and Design Drive Layout Selection

Definition of certain machine specifications and spindle speed series

Determination of required drive power and selection of electric motor

Kinematic calculation of machine drive

Development of kinematic drive diagram and plot of drive speed

Calculation of number of wheel teeth

Calculation of gear parameters

Selection of gear and shaft material

Definition of design loads

Calculation of gear module

Calculation of gear diameters

Calculation of gear width

Calculation of shaft diameters

Selection of speed box control mechanism

Selection of speed box lubrication system and calculation of lubrication pump capacity

Operation of speed box

Environmental protection and energy conservation


List of sources used


Machine tool construction will always be faced with the task of creating metal cutting machines that meet the modern requirements of mechanical engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to create machines of high productivity, accuracy and economy.

Currently, there is a tendency to increase the level of automation of production processes. Automated equipment is increasingly being introduced into production that works without the direct participation of a person or greatly facilitates the work of a worker. This makes it possible to reduce the labor intensity of the production process, reduce the cost of production, and increase labor productivity. Therefore, the main task of engineers is to develop automated equipment, calculate its main components and assemblies, identify the most optimal technical solutions and introduce them into production.

The purpose of this course project is to develop the drive of the main movement of the turning-carousel.

Operation of speed box

The gearbox and the gearbox drive motor are mounted in the machine rack. Spindle is rotated from electric motor through wedge belt and 11-stage gear with movable gear wheels. The electric motor is fixed by screws on the balancer, with the help of which the tension of the wedge belt is adjusted.

The number of revolutions of the milling spindle is set by turning the lever. One turn of the lever results in switching to one stage the number of revolutions. It is possible to switch from the highest number of revolutions to the lowest stage and vice versa. Each number of revolutions included will be indicated on the scale. You can switch only when the transfer mechanism is stopped. If rotation of the crank lever is not possible, since in the mechanism the movable gears have become "tooth per tooth," then due to short-term pressing of the push button, rotation of the transmission mechanism can be caused.

Lubrication of the speed box of the main drive is carried out from the oil cavity located in the rack with a filling hole. Oil is supplied by gear pump through magnetic filter to main drive box and is distributed to appropriate lubrication points. The oil returning from the main drive box is drained back to the rack.


As a result of the work done, the speed gearbox of the horizontal milling machine was calculated, the parameters of its individual elements were selected and calculated: gears; lubrication and lubricant systems, etc. Drawings of the speed box and spindle of the machine with the indication of its main elements were made. Structural grid, rotation speed graph and kinematic diagram of the designed speed box have been developed.

Drawings content

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