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Design of Milling Machine Drive

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Design of the main movement drive of the horizontal milling machine. Drawings, explanatory notes, diagrams

Project's Content

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Additional information



Terms of Reference

Kinematic calculation of speed box

Determination of shaft support reactions IV

Calculation of spline connection

Calculation of Keyway Connection

IV shaft strength calculation

Checking bearings for dynamic lifting capacity

Method of lubrication of gear box units


List of sources used

Method of lubrication of gear box units

For the designed box we will accept a common lubrication system with a drive. For bearings in the front support, a circulation method of lubrication is used. Lubricant is supplied through special channels in the housing. Excess oil is drained through special holes in the housing. The other bearings are lubricated with spray and oil mist. Lubricant viscosity for applied bearings 1223 cst at 50 ° C. I20A oil has this viscosity.

List of sources used.

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Drawings content

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