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Design and operation of CL-15 robotic process complex

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Finished coursework with drawings and elements of CL-15 machine

Project's Content

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Additional information



1. Select Machine

2. Description of machine structure

3. Machine repairability

4. Maintenance and repair planning

5. Repair cycle duration:

6. Labor intensity of repairs

8. Maintenance activities

9. Robot Selection

10. Select Drive

11. Construction of a cyclogram of the robotic process complex functioning

List of literature


for the execution of the course project

1. Fulfilled: Tokmashov Artem Viktorovich

2. Head: Ph.D., Associate Professor Husainov Rustem Mukhametovich

3. Course topic: "Design and operation of a robotic process complex based on the CL-15 machine"

4. Option 10. Operation 010.

5. Source data: part drawing, process plan

6. Work Content: Equipment Selection, Machine Description, Development

measures for operation of the machine, development of robotic

technological complex.

7. List of reporting materials: explanatory note with annexes,



Engineering is one of the most important industries in any state. The degree of its development determines how high the level of the economy in a country is.

Engineering technology is a science on the manufacture and assembly of machines of the required amount, of a given quality in a prescribed time at the lowest cost of living and public labor, i.e. at the lowest cost.

The object of mechanical engineering technology is the technological process, and the object is the establishment and study of external and internal connections, laws of the technological process.

Field of research (according to the passport of the specialty 05.02.08 of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation):

Processability of the machine design as an object of production.

Technological processes, operations, installations, positions, technological transitions and working moves, ensuring the improvement of the quality of products and reduction of their cost.

Mathematical modeling of technological processes and methods of manufacturing parts and assemblies of mechanical engineering.

Improvement of existing and development of new methods of processing and assembly in order to improve the quality of mechanical engineering products and reduce the cost of their production.

Process design and optimization methods.

Technological heredity in mechanical engineering.

Technological support and improvement of surface layer quality, machine accuracy and durability.

Problems of process control in mechanical engineering.

Examples of mechanical engineering technology areas:

Generalization and development of the basis of optimal technological support of operational properties of parts;

Development of technological foundations of conversion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of aviation production.

Increased technological efficiency of CNC machining processes based on laser and holographic interferometry studies of stress-strain and thermal well-being of cutting tools.

Mathematical modeling and optimization of knowledge-intensive technological processes;

Ion-plasma modification of the surface of GTE parts in order to repeatedly increase operational properties;

Scientific foundations and methods of solving technological problems based on heterogeneous design technology models.

Drawings content

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icon obschiy_vid.cdw


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pRiVod_vspom_dv (1).cdw

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