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Pass cutter

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Pass cutter: Cutter with mechanical attachment of three hexagonal plates made of hard alloy, designed for processing steel and cast iron blanks. This tool is used on the ST30 NC Lathe, and is used to process the outer cylindrical surface. 1 We choose by standard the design of a cutter with mechanical attachment of a polyhedral plate. To ensure the main angle in the plan = 60 and rear cutting modes, select the right pass cutter with a trihedral plate and lining. 2For specified cutting modes section of cut layer F = ts = 2 * 0.6 = 1mm2. Using the table, we find that for machine ST30, when the cut layer F = 1mm2 is cut, the cutter should have a working height of h = 20 mm and a diameter of the circumscribed circumference of the plate D = 14mm. 3 The main dimensions of the cutter are accepted according to the standard: Working height of the cutter h = 20 mm; width of cutter holder b = 20 mm; height of cutter holder h1 = 20 mm; cutter length L = 125 mm. The cutter design dimensions are indicated in the working drawing of the cutter holder. 4 Choose the material of the cutter: for the holder - Steel 40X (hardness HRC 40-45, oxidize); for a plate of pentagonal shape - hard alloy T14K8 (for t = 2 mm; s = 0.5 mm/v), shape I as per GOST 19063-80 *; for wedge, pins - steel 45 (oxidize); for screw - Steel 45 (the screw head is thermally treated to HRC 30-35).

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