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Coursework on the topic "Technological map for earthworks"

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Content of the text part: task, content, introduction, determination of the position of line-zero works, determination of the scope of work on vertical planning, determination of the volume of earth masses during the development of the pit, recalculation of the average mark of planning, determination of the scope of work on vertical planning

No. 2, soil distribution in the pit, distribution of earth masses at the site, mapping of the movement of earth masses, comparison of machine kits, selection of material and technical resources, machines for vertical planning of  the construction site, calculation of the economic efficiency of integrated mechanization options, technological map for earthworks, area  applications, organization and technology of work, preparation of the construction site, preparation of the construction site, work on the arrangement of the pit, backfilling of the sinuses of the pit, a list of work volumes , calculation of labor costs and machine time, material  and technical resources, requirements for the quality of acceptance of work, safety precautions in the production of works, technical and economic indicators, conclusion, list of references

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