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Core Storage Facility (Core Storage Warehouse) AP

  • Added: 16.03.2022
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The projected  building of the core storage facility, one-storey,  in plan has a G-shaped configuration, consisting of two main  sections: 1) storage room - with dimensions in the axes of 24.0 m x 72.0 m;   2)  working room "Workshop" - dimensions in axes 8,0 m x 18,0 m adjacent to the warehouse.

      The projected building of the core storage facility is designed for storage and storage of cores (rock samples)  for cameral work by the personnel examining the cores.  The core is stored in boxes on racks, which are supplied and mounted by the manufacturer.  

 The warehouse is  unheated, has a height from the  floor to the bottom of the structures - 7.31 m.  

The building is designed in a metal frame of metal structures with a fence made of profiled sheet NS 35x1000x0.8 GOST24045-2016.  

The foundation is monolithic, columnar.  

The roof is gabled, made of profiled sheet NS35x1000x0.8 with an external organized drain.  Along the perimeter of the roof, a roof fence and a fire escape are provided.  

Gates - automatic, sectional.  

Windows-made of PVC profiles, single-chamber with simple opening. The base (floor) is a monolithic reinforced concrete, with a hardened upper layer. A concrete scaffold t=70-100 mm is arranged around the building, 1000 mm wide for crushed stone preparation of 50 mm.

The project is working and was developed for a real object.

Section architectural solutions in dwg.

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