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Calculation of coaxial gearbox

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1. Drive with coaxial gearbox

1.1. Electric motor selection

1.2. Source Data

1.3. V-belt transmission

1.4. Slow-moving stage - cylindrical helical gear with involute engagement

1.5. High-speed stage - cylindrical gear with circular-high engagement of M. L. Novikov

2.Excise Companion

3. Test of key joints strength

4. Shaft strength calculation

5. Durability of supports

6. Test calculation of high-speed shaft for endurance

7. Fit gears, bearings, V-belt pulley and half-coupling

8. Lubrication of gears and bearings



A reduction gear is a mechanism consisting of gear or worm gears, made in the form of a separate unit and serving to transfer rotation from the shaft of the engine to the shaft of the working machine. The kinematic drive circuit may include, in addition to the gearbox, open gears, chain or belt gears.

The purpose of the reduction gear is to reduce the angular speed and, accordingly, increase the torque of the driven shaft compared to the driving shaft.

The reduction gear consists of a body (cast, cast iron or welded steel), in which the transmission elements are placed - gears, shafts, bearings, etc. In some cases, devices for lubricating hooks and bearings (for example, a gear pump can be installed inside the gearbox) or cooling devices (for example, a coil with cooling liquid) are also located in the gearbox housing.

Gearboxes are classified according to the following characteristics:

1. Types of gears (toothed, worm, combined);

2. The number of stages (one-, two- and multi-stage);

3. Type of gear wheels (cylindrical, conical, combined);

4. Relative location of shafts (horizontal, vertical, intersecting, crossing).

Fit gears, bearings, V-belt pulley and half-coupling.

We assign the fits in accordance with the instructions given in Table 10.13 [3].

Landing of gears on intermediate and slow-moving shafts - H7/p6.

Landing of the half-coupling on the slow-moving shaft of the reduction gear box - H7/n6.

Installation of V-belt pulley on high-speed gear shaft - H7/k6.

Install internal rings of bearings on shaft with fixed fit, and external rings - by sliding fit. Journals of shafts for bearings are made with deviation of shaft k6. Deflection of holes in the housing for external rings as per H7.

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icon Вал-шестерня.cdw


icon Кришка подшипника.cdw

Кришка подшипника.cdw

icon Привод ВО.cdw

Привод ВО.cdw

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Расчетная схема.cdw

icon Редуктор.cdw


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icon Спецификация 1.spw

Спецификация 1.spw

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Спецификация 2.spw
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