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Two-stage horizontal cylindrical coaxial gearbox

  • Added: 12.05.2022
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    The designed cylindrical two-stage gear  gearbox is made according to the unfolded scheme with shafts located in the horizontal plane.  The high-speed and low-speed gearbox stages are cylindrical involute oblique toothed gears of external gearing. The gearbox housing  is detachable and is cast from gray cast iron of a grade not lower than SCH15 (GOST 1412 - 85). Axial fixation of the high-speed, intermediate and slow-moving shafts of the gearbox - according to the "open-ended" scheme.  Single-row ball radial bearings were used as shaft supports. Bearing covers are embedded. The input and output shafts of the gearbox have cylindrical end sections with prismatic keys.


1. Engine selection. Kinematic and power calculation of the drive.

2. Calculation of the slow-moving stage of the gearbox.

3. Calculation of the high-speed stage of the gearbox.

4. Design of gearbox shafts and preliminary selection of rolling bearings.

5. Design of gearbox wheels.

6. Determination of the main dimensions of the gearbox housing.

7. Lubrication of gears and gearbox bearings. Lubricant selection.

8. Calculation of shaft-hub connections for the gearbox.

9. Calculation of the slow-moving shaft of the gearbox for fatigue resistance.

10. Calculation of rolling bearings of the low-speed shaft for a given resource.

11. Selection of compensating elastic coupling.




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