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Boiler unit type E-210

  • Added: 17.04.2021
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The drawing of the boiler E-210 unit executed in two projections (front view and a cross-section), Q-T the chart of a copper E-210-13.8-560AZh burning fuel No. 18 + calculation and two views of boiler houses.

Project's Content

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Boiler Description

Boiler diagram

Design characteristics of fuel

I-[ theta] table and volume table

Calculation of boiler efficiency and fuel consumption

Calculation of geometric characteristics of the furnace with LNA

Calculation of geometric characteristics of the screen superheater

List of used literature


For a copper of E21013,8560AZh burning lean coals the efficiency, fuel consumption are determined and also I-θ the table, the table of volumes and volume fractions, geometrical characteristics of a fire chamber and the screen boiler superheater are calculated.

Project Task

Boiler parameters:

Copper of E21013,8560AZh (Fig. 1); fuel - 18; mill - ShBM.

Boiler marking means - boiler with natural circulation, steam capacity of 210 t/h, with parameters of superheated steam:

pressure - 13.8 MPa, temperature - 560 ° С.

Boiler Description

Boiler with natural circulation of working medium, U-shaped layout, single-drum. Open-type combustion chamber with liquid slag removal, prismatic shape, shielded by gas-tight panels from pipes ⌀60×5, S = 80. Combustion products are removed through the outlet window, on the boundary of which there is a screen superheater connected in series-parallel scheme. Then gases pass successively through MCP, which is connected in series-parallel scheme, MCP and in rotary chamber turns through 90 °, entering convective shaft. In it, gases pass first the second stage of the economizer and the second stage of the air heater. And in the same order, the flue gases pass through the first stage. The gases are then removed by the smoke.

Feed water is supplied by feed pump to the first stage of economizer, where it is heated by flue gases, then it is supplied to plant of own condensate. Then the feed water is supplied to the economizer of the second stage, from which it enters the drum. Water is directed through the downcomers to the lower manifolds, after which it is distributed through the pipes of the furnace screens, where its partial evaporation occurs. Further, the steam-water mixture, due to natural circulation, enters the drum, where steam is separated from water.

The temperature of superheated steam is controlled by three injections of its own condensate.

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