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Boiler room. Sections of VK, NVK, OM, TM, anti-icing system

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The boiler room is a blind brick building 3.5 meters high. The roof is pitched, on which is a monterrey metal block, which fits into the situation of the quarter.

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Additional information



Volume 1: Explanatory Note. Source Data

Volume 2: Part of HM, CW, VK, NVK

Volume 3: Part of Vehicle

Volume 4: Part of NPP, KM

Volume 5: Part of EL, EM, ATM

Volume 6: Part of GP

Volume 7: Summary Estimate. Estimates

Volume 8: PIC


General part

Project "Construction of a boiler house for a rural house of culture in n. Red "was developed on the basis of the design task and sweeping drawings. The approved architectural part of the construction project is developed on the basis of:

a. decisions of the Gomel district executive committee No. 706 of 30.11.2005;

b. Design tasks;

c. Architecturally planning task No. 2993 of 20.12.2007

d. Sanitary assignment of the Braginsky District Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology No. 4 of 14.01.2008;

e. Environmental conditions for design No. 02/08 dated 08.01.2008;

f. Specification No. 5/04 dated 11.01.2008 issued by the Bragin district electric networks;

g. Conclusions of State Fire Supervision No. 2 dated 02.01.2008

The boiler room is designed for heat supply of the KFOR heating system. Design minimum ambient air temperature is 24С, average temperature for heating period is 1.6 С.

The building class is 2.

Degree of fire resistance - IV.

Explosive and fire safety category - G2.

Design winter air temperature 24 С.

Firewood is used as design fuel.

Air for fuel combustion is taken from the boiler room.

The technical solutions adopted in the working drawings comply with the requirements of environmental, sanitary, fire and other applicable norms and rules and ensure safe operation of the facility for life and health of people, subject to the measures provided for in the working drawings.

Source Data

Fuel. According to the design assignment, we take firewood with a calorific value of 2440 kcal/kg as design fuel (at humidity of 40%).

Boilers. Steel hot water boilers KV80, manufactured by OJSC Gomelagroenergoservice, were accepted for installation. According to the manufacturer's data, the calorific value of the boiler during operation on firewood is 0.068 Gcal/h.

Source water. Used water shall meet the requirements of GOST 287482 "Drinking water" and additional requirements:

a) iron content is not more than 0.08 mg/l.

b) carbonate stiffness is not more than 2 MHEC/l.

Heat carrier. The boiler house generates hot water with parameters of 9570 С for heating needs.

The main and auxiliary equipment of the boiler room is located at elev. + 0.000 of the boiler room.

Heat supply system. Closed 2 pipe.

Design thermal loads. Heat loads are calculated in Part 11 of this explanatory note.

• Maximum hourly heat consumption - 0.1121Gcal/h.

• Annual consumption - 292.1 MW.

Key Technical Solutions

In the boiler room at el. 0.000 main and auxiliary equipment is installed.

• For elev. + 0.000, the mark of the clean floor of the boiler house with a size of 4.5x7.5m and a height of 3.0m is accepted. Exit doors open outside.

KV80 boiler is equipped with a furnace with manual maintenance and manual unloading of slag.

Sun. the unit is located in the premises of the old boiler room.

The following table gives the main heat characteristics of the boiler house.

Thermal diagram

The boiler room is provided with water discharge with temperature of 95С for the needs of KFOR heating systems.

The thermal scheme provides for constant water flow through the boiler and maintaining the temperature in the return pipeline at least given (70C).

The specified temperature is maintained by the overflow of the network water from the direct (T11) to the return (T21) pipeline via the recirculation line.

A TOPS 50/15 3 ~ PN6/10 pump is provided in the heating system for circulation of mains water.

Water reserve tank V = 1 .5m3 and make-up pump UPS are installed for system makeup 25-120-180

To remove air from the system, on common pipeline T11 (Dn = 50mm),

air outlet valve is installed.

The expansion tank is V = 200 l., Installed in the boiler room.

Coolant pressure in supply pipeline 0,14 MPa

- in inverse 0.08 MPa.

Thermal mechanical solutions

The thermal and mechanical part of the project is made in accordance with the "Rules for the design and safe operation of water heating boilers with a water heating temperature of not more than 115C and steam boilers with a steam pressure of not more than 0.7kgf/cm2."

Installation and testing of boilers is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's "Installation and Operation Manual."

For emergency water drain from the boiler, and in case of actuation of safety valves, drain and drain pipelines are brought to the sewage system.

The mains pump takes back mains water from the heating network (pipeline T21) and is supplied for heating to the lower zone of the boiler. Heated water is supplied to consumers via T11 supply pipeline.

Heat scheme of boiler house provides for preparation of coolant with parameters 95700С. Safety valve is installed at boiler outlet. The pressure pipeline from the safety valve is output by a separate line.

Check valves are provided on recirculation line, make-up pipeline and downstream of network pumps to prevent counter-flow of coolant.

Drain pipeline is provided for draining water from boilers.

Pressure and pressure-free drain pipelines are laid above the floor and are removed to the drain pit by separate lines.

The gas duct from the installed boilers crashes into a chimney, with a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 12 m.

Boiler room pipelines are accepted from steel electric welded straight-joint pipes as per GOST 10705 (group B, heat treated). Grade as per GOST 10704 with 100% inspection of welded factory joints. The pipes are made of St3sp3 steel and are designed to work with a temperature of up to 115 С and a working pressure of up to 1MPa.

All piping after welding and welding of instrument nozzles shall be hydraulically tested with a test pressure of 1.25 Prab.

Tie-in of designed pipelines to existing ones - in place.

Organization of labor. The number of maintenance personnel (stokers) in the heating period is 4 people. One stoker per shift. The change of stokers occurs once a day. Filling and makeup of the system takes place manually, from the central water supply.

Heating and ventilation

To ensure three-fold air exchange per hour, the boiler room is provided with a deflector (Dn = 350mm) and a louver screen with an insulated valve.

Heating of the boiler room is provided due to heat emissions of the external surface of the boilers. For heating of the room of meal pig-iron radiators of type 2KP10090h500 are established.

Calculation of heat input to the boiler room from boilers and insulated pipelines is given in Appendix 1.

Internal water supply and sewerage

The water supply to the boiler house building is supplied by a polyethylene pipe with a diameter of 32 mm.. Along the boiler house, the water supply is laid from a steel water and gas pipe with a diameter of 20 mm.

To account for the water flow rate in the boiler room, a flowmeter Dn = 15 mm is provided.

The internal sewage network is designed from polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 50mm. Ventilation riser is brought to 0.5 m. above the boiler room roof.

For emergency makeup of the system, installation of water reserve tank V = 1.5m3 is provided.

7. External water supply and sewerage.

An external water supply with a diameter of 32mm is laid from the central water supply, n.p. Red with installation of a water pit on the tie-in. A fire hydrant for external fire fighting is provided in the water pit.

Waste water discharge of boiler house is designed to drain pit KK1.

Water treatment

Feedwater quality complies with the standards established for hot water boilers.

Fuel storage and supply

For the storage of firewood, an 8x4 m fuel warehouse is provided.

Firewood is delivered to the warehouse by road.

Fuel is delivered to the boiler house manually.

The slag is manually removed into ash containers, then these containers are taken to the fields as fertilizers.

Nature protection

Air pool. Protection of the pool from harmful emissions contained in flue gases is carried out by selecting the height of the chimney from the condition of dispersion of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Sewerage. Water is drained from the system and from safety valves to the sewage system.

Repair works

Due to the simple layout and lack of heavy equipment, special lifting devices are not provided in the boiler room.

Occupational safety

To ensure the safety of equipment maintenance in the boiler room, the following measures should be provided:

Isolate fuel equipment and pipelines (insulation surface temperature + 45 С);

Boiler room lighting shall comply with PUE requirements for this room category.

On pipelines, flange connections, shut-off valves shall be marked in accordance with the standards (water pipelines shall be painted green).

The direction of medium movement and direction of flywheels rotation shall be applied on pipelines and fittings.

Boiler room shall be equipped with visual safety posters.

When operating the boiler room and installing the boiler and pipelines, it is necessary to follow the requirements [1], [2], [3] from the list of the attached literature.


To monitor pressure and temperature, the design provides for installation of technical alcohol thermometers and pressure gauges MP100MS0,4. Places of embedded parts installation are indicated on heat diagram of boiler room and on pipeline plans of TM part.

Heat networks

Underground channel-free laying of pre-insulated pipelines with a diameter of 50mm is provided for heat supply to SDK. Temperature elongation compensation is provided by route rotation angles.

Power supply

Power supply project of the boiler house of the rural house of culture in n. Red was developed on the basis of technical specifications No. 0314/285 of 20.10.2008, issued by the Department of Culture of the Braginsky District Executive Committee.

Technical solutions adopted in the working drawings comply with environmental requirements. sanitary, fire-fighting and other applicable norms and regulations and ensure safe operation of the facility for life and health of people, subject to the measures stipulated by the working drawings.

Power supply of the boiler house is carried out from sushch. I LIE on two cable lines executed by cables of AVVGz1 brand (5х6), laid on building constructions of SDK in the electrotechnical kabelkanal, then in the earth to the building of the boiler house, further on the external wall of the boiler house to SUR case (established in the boiler house). The cable in the ground is laid at a depth of 0.7 m, at the intersection with underground communications, the cable is laid in an asbestos cement pipe. Cable exits the ground in a metal pipe at a height of at least 2m.

Keep the dimensions of intersections and approaches in accordance with PUE86. The section of the supply cables is checked by the permissible current load and loss of voltage in the line, currents of the protective devices

The power consumption is taken into account by a counter of TsE6822, 550, 220/380V type installed in the RCSCH cabinet of 938N type.

The main consumers of electricity are:

- network pumps;

-electric lighting.

The project provides for pump control, which is carried out using the control cabinet of SHU type SHCHUK01 (OJSC "Gomelagroenergoservice")

To protect people from electric shock, the project provides for the implementation of a potential equalization system. All metal parts of building structures, pipelines are electrically connected to the PE bus (GWB) in the RBW cabinet.

Connections to pipelines are made by compresses. Connection locations must be visible.

The design provides for the following types of electrical lighting:

- working lighting;

-security education;

- repair lighting (12V).

Electrical lighting network is provided by IWG1 cable (3x1.5) laid open in electrical cable channel, in PVC pipe of light type.

To the fuel warehouse, the cable supplying electric lighting is laid in the ground at a depth of 0.7 m, in the fuel warehouse it is open with braces.

When crossing with underground communications, the cable should be laid in asbestos cement pipes with a diameter of 100mm. Input - cable exit from the ground is made in metal pipe.

The power network is made by VBG1 cables (3x1.5) laid open - in the electrical cable of the channel, in a light PVC pipe.

Metal structures used to lay the cable to ground.

All third-party, normally non-energized parts of the electrical equipment shall be occupied by means of a zero protective core of the supply cable.

The grounding system adopted according to GOST 30331 is TNCS.

The project provides for lightning protection of the chimney. The grounding circuit of the boiler house is used as the grounding device of lightning protection.

Electrical devices, panels and other electrical equipment shall be installed at a distance of not less than 0.5 m from pipelines of process and plumbing equipment.

Boiler rooms belong to a room with an increased danger of electric shock.

All construction and installation works shall be performed in accordance with PUE86, SNiP 3.05.0685.


The design provides for light and sound alarm at emergency deviation of pressure at the outlet of each boiler and in the return pipeline, temperature in the supply pipeline, as well as emergency shutdown of the network pump and lack of water in the reserve tank.

The design provides for manual control of network pumps with the help of buttons installed on SGC of SHCC 01 type. Manual and automatic control of make-up pumps is provided.

The design provides for recording of pressure in the return pipeline of the network.

Heat output is recorded by TEM meter 01M-1

Automation networks are made by KVVG, KMM and VVP cables, laid metal braces by construction structures and process structures in a metal pipe, at a distance of at least 0.5 m from power cables and other sources of interference.

Boiler room building maintenance and operation

On the site for the boiler room are designed: modular boiler room, chimney, fuel warehouse, waste container site, for storing building materials, for fertile soil.

Boiler room.

The level of responsibility of the boiler building is II according to GOST 2775188.

Building area:

-Specter. – 33.75 sq.m;

Construction volume:

- projector. 11.375 cbm.

The designed boiler building is metal, without a basement, rectangular in plan, with dimensions of 7.5 x 4.5 m.

Boiler house building - heated.

All rooms with a constant stay of people have natural and artificial lighting.

Fuel storage warehouse.

Level of responsibility - III according to GOST 2775188.

The building area is 32 m square meters.;

The construction volume is 112 m cubic meters.

Canopy - frame structure. Posts and beams

Architectural and construction solutions

16.1. Volume and planning solutions

The project provides for the installation of a modular boiler room and a canopy for storage of firewood. Modular boiler house is installed on the foundation of FBS units 9.3.6 -n. Accept frost resistance of upper units F35.

16.2.Indoor finishing of facades

Boiler house is made on the base of load-bearing frame and is connected by shaped sheets with insulation on mineral wool with thickness of 100mm. The tent roof is made of saucepan..

Door blocks are painted with PF115 enamel GOST 646576 * in 2 layers.

16.3.Constructive solutions

1. Design decisions are made on the basis of the design assignment;

2. Building liability class - II; building class by functional fire hazard - F 5.1 by SNB 2.02.0198;

3. The degree of durability is II;

4. Fire resistance degree - II as per SNiP 2.02.0185,

5. Reliability factor by purpose - n = 0.95;

6. Climatic conditions of construction according to SNB 2.04.022000 "Construction climatology":

a) climatic area - IIb;

b) design ambient air temperature - - 26˚C;

7. Construction conditions as per SNiP 2.01.07-85:

a) wind speed head is adopted W0 = 0.23 kPa for the I-th wind area;

b) standard weight of snow cover S0 = 0 .8kPa for snow area 1B.

16.5. Basic Features

a) foundations - prefabricated concrete blocks are designed as per STB 107697;

b) doorway filling is designed from door blocks as per STB 13942003.

Boiler room building maintenance and operation

On the site for the boiler room are designed: modular boiler room, chimney, waste container platform, for storing building materials, for fertile soil.

Boiler room.

The level of responsibility of the boiler building is II according to GOST 2775188.

Building area:

-Specter. – 36 sq.m;

Construction volume:

- projector. 108 cbm.

The designed boiler building is metal, without a basement, rectangular in plan, with dimensions of 7.7 x 4.7 m.

Boiler house building - heated.

All rooms of the boiler house - with a constant stay of people and have natural and artificial lighting. The service is limited to monitoring the anti-corrosion coating of beams and profile. In case of violation of anticorrosive coating, it is necessary to restore it. Inspection of the building with drawing up of the inspection report shall be carried out in accordance with B TKP 451.04-14-2005 (02250) within the following terms:

• twice a year (autumn and spring);

• after the warranty period,

• at 65% percent wear and tear;

• every 5 years with a complete technical survey of the building (with the involvement of a specialized organization) with the preparation of a report.

17. States.

The number of maintenance personnel (stokers) in the heating period is 4 people. One stoker per shift. The change of stokers occurs twice a day. Filling and makeup of the system is performed manually from the water reserve tank.

18. Technical and economic indicators.

Drawings content

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