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BOGIE of bridge crane with distribution drive of crane movement mechanism

  • Added: 10.02.2015
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Course project on "TROLLEY of bridge crane with distribution valves of crane movement mechanism." The project includes the trolley assembly drawing, drum drawings, as well as their specifications and a note.
The Kursovy project of vikonaniye on ukra§nsk_y mov_

Project's Content

Name Size
icon arhiv_zip___winrar_10.zip
851 KB
icon special_katz_i
icon drum_spzf.cdw
124 KB
icon in_zok_one_drum_spzf_food.cdw
100 KB
icon in_the_back_of_one_drum_spzf.cdw
118 KB
icon NOTE
icon Visnov.docx
26 KB
icon vstup.docx
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icon Zavdannya.docx
15 KB
icon Rozd_l1.docx
159 KB
icon Rozd_l2.docx
83 KB
icon Rozd_l3.docx
66 KB
icon Rozd_l4.docx
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icon Rozd_l5.docx
181 KB
icon List_of_l_teraturi.docx
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icon titulka.doc
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icon leaf
icon DRUM.cdw
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icon in_zok_single-drum.cdw
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