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Basis of Design

  • Added: 29.05.2018
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basis of design, worm gearbox, complete set

Project's Content

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Additional information



Electric motor selection

Determination of gear ratio and its division into stages

Selection of gear material and definition of allowable contact and bending stresses

Design calculation of the second slow-moving stage

Design calculation of high-speed stage

Tentative calculation of shafts

Calculation of shafts

Selection of keys

Selection of bearings

Selection of lubricants and lubrication system

List of literature used

. Conclusion

During the course work on the Basis of Design, the knowledge gained during the past period of study in such disciplines as: theoretical mechanics, material resistance, materials science was fixed.

The main objectives of the project were thus achieved:

- Mastery of design documents development technique at design stages;

- Acquisition of skills for self-solution of engineering and technical problems and ability to analyze results;

- Training in working with standards, various engineering, educational and reference literature.

As a result, the acquired skills and experience of designing general-purpose machines and mechanisms will become the basis for performing course work in special disciplines.

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