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9-storey residential building with load-bearing walls made of monolithic concrete

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In the archive, general view drawings - elevations, plans, sections, diagrams, nodes and an explanatory note.

Project's Content

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Additional information

Architectural and planning solution

The building is 12 storeys with a warm basement and a cold attic, on each floor there are 4 apartments (two 2-room and two 3-room).

A building with a mixed pitch of structural walls. With bearing inner and outer walls. Spatial rigidity is provided by bearing walls and rigid slab disks.

Architectural and construction part

The designed twelve-storey residential building adopts a monolithic structural system with a pitch (6.3 and 6.9 m) of transverse internal walls.

The base of the building is natural.

Foundations monolithic foundation slab. The depth of the foundation is 2.570 m. The depth of freezing for the city of Novgorod is 1.4 m. The foundation is laid under the bearing walls. The height of the foundation is 300 mm.

The basement exterior walls are 300 mm thick and the interior walls 200 mm thick.

Walls are protected from moisture by the following device:

1) horizontal adhesive waterproofing located at the level of the building base;

2) waterproofing (isoplast on bitumen) of vertical surfaces contacting the ground of the basement walls;

3) horizontal waterproofing in the form of a layer of fatty cement mortar in the composition of the underlying floor layer of the technical underground.

The walls of the building are designed from two-layer monolithic reinforced concrete structures 500 mm thick. Internal bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete 200 mm thick.

The stairs are two-march. Stairways and platforms are used

ribbed structure. The stairways have a frieze stage and a U-shaped section. The size of the step tread is 300, and the approach is 150 mm.

Roof with internal drain and roll roof. The insulation of the attic floor is two layers of the Isoplast roll carpet 100 mm thick.

Windows and balcony doors - double-glazed windows.

Floors in residential premises - parquet, in bathrooms - from ceramic tiles, in inter-apartment corridors - concrete.

Drawings content

icon Курсач по архитектуре.dwg

Курсач по архитектуре.dwg

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оконч Ген план.dwg
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