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Worm Gear - Drawings

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6 sheets + DBE, specification

Project's Content

icon муфта фланцевая.CDW
icon 1.doc
icon Spetsifikatsiya КЧ.doc
icon Spetsifikatsiya СБ.doc
icon Вал.cdw
icon муфта С упругой звездочкой.cdw
icon Приводная станция.cdw
icon спец. к приводной.cdw
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Additional information



1. Energy and kinematic calculation of the drive

1.1. Electric motor selection

1.2. Determination of total gear ratio and its breakdown by stages

1.3. Determination of capacity on shafts

1.4. Determination of shaft speed

1.5. Determination of torque on shafts

2. Calculation of worm gear

3. Shaft calculation

4. Calculation and selection of bearings

5. Calculation of key connections

5.1. Calculation of key connection on input shaft

5.2. Calculation of key connection on output shaft

5.3. Calculation of key connection of worm wheel with shaft

6. Coupling selection

7. Selection and justification of transmission and bearing lubrication method

List of literature

Appendix A. Electric motor sketch

Appendix B. Sketch of elastic coupling with rubber sprocket

Appendix B. Flanged coupling sketch

Appendix D. Specification and Table of Components for Graphic



In the task for this course design, a diagram of a belt conveyor with a tensioner, as well as a diagram of a drive station to it, is given. Drive station includes electric motor, worm reduction gear and mounting platform. In this case, a welded frame will be used as the platform.

The electric motor is attached directly to the reduction gear, this reduces the size of the station and its metal capacity.

The requirement lists the main technical characteristics: circumferential force on the drum, conveyor belt speed, load schedule, service life, which must be ensured during design.

Belt conveyors are very common transporting machines used in various fields of the national economy to move a variety of piece and bulk cargoes.

Belt conveyors were widely used for interoperative transportation of goods in in-line production, for transportation for linear purposes (supply of land), in mining, for supplying fuel and grain to an elevator, etc.

Belt conveyors are distinguished by high performance, simplicity of design, low weight, reliability in operation, and relatively low energy consumption.

Drawings content

icon муфта фланцевая.CDW

 муфта фланцевая.CDW

icon Вал.cdw


icon муфта С упругой звездочкой.cdw

муфта С упругой звездочкой.cdw

icon Приводная станция.cdw

Приводная станция.cdw

icon спец. к приводной.cdw

спец. к приводной.cdw

icon ЧертежКЧ.cdw


icon Эл.двигатель.cdw

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