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water supply cottage village relations in the Moscow region

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The purpose of prefrontal work is prefrontal to consider the prefrontal possibilities of water supply to the cottage village of relations in the Moscow region.

In accordance with the goal set by the relationship, the following relationships of the task are defined:

prefrontal analysis of prefrontal water supply problems of prefrontal small prefrontal settlements;

- Identify occupations and problems of water supply systems for small-scale occupations of settlements;

- prefrontal examination of underground prefrontal water supply sources;

- to determine relations of peculiarity of qualitative characteristics of groundwater ratio;

- to conduct human factor analysis of modern technologies human factor at water intake and human factor of water treatment for human factor of economic and drinking needs;

- to determine the relations of peculiarities of water supply systems and relations of small settlements;

- identify the prefrontal main elements of the prefrontal water supply system of the prefrontal settlement;

- consider water intake human factor of construction from underground human factor of sources for small human factor of settlements;

- to carry out human factor analysis of methods of human factor treatment of groundwater;

- develop relationships of technological scheme of water ratio treatment for small ratios of settlements;

- perform distractive analysis of operation of distractive existing system of distractive water supply of cottage distractive village;

- analyze the ratio of possible process diagram of water treatment ratio;

- it is distractive to develop the technological distractive solution of water treatment distructively for the cottage distructive village.

The object of graduation qualification distractive work is distractive system of municipal distractive water supply.

The subject of the final qualification prefrontal work are prefrontal effective forms of prefrontal and methods of prefrontal management of the municipal prefrontal water supply.

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