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Water supply and drainage of 5-storey residential building

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Course work consists of a graphic part and a calculation and explanatory note.

The calculation and explanatory note is made on 13 sheets of A4 format and includes: a cover sheet, a task for design, introduction, justification for the selection of schemes for laying water supply to the building and wiring the water supply network by risers and water collection devices and discharging effluents to the street sewage network, hydraulic calculation of the internal water supply, calculation of internal and yard sewage, calculation of installations for increasing head in the network.

The graphic part is made on the watman sheet of A1 format and includes the following material:

  • plot plan on scale 1:500 with the image of external networks and their connection, indicating the reference sizes of networks, length, diameters of pipeline sections, as well as the places of installation of water supply and sewage wells;
  • basement plan on a scale of 1:100, which shows the inlet, main wiring of the water supply, the bases of the water supply and sewerage risers, the network of drain pipelines and discharges from the building, a pumping unit with a water meter;
  • a standard floor plan on a scale of 1:200 with a conditional image of water-collecting devices and water-receiving devices, access to them from water supply risers and discharge pipelines to sewage risers;
  • axonometric diagrams of the internal water supply and sewerage system on a scale of 1:100 with the designation of water-collecting and water-receiving devices, with the indication of the elevation of the points of connection of the water supply and sewerage system on floors;

-       longitudinal profile of the yard sewerage network from the outlets from the building to the connection to the street network on a scale of 1:500 - horizontal, 1:100 - vertical with indication of the ground surface elevations and pipe trays in the wells, the length, diameter and slope of the pipeline.

- system of pump unit with water metering unit, with indication of the name of instruments and units included in its composition.

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