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Tool for drilling 36 holes

  • Added: 03.06.2016
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The designed tool is designed to drill 36 holes in the part of the housing with a diameter of 6 mm. The device consists of a base 1, a pneumatic cylinder 2 fixed to the base with screws, a sliding clamp of the type of cover 3 and a replaceable plate 4, between which the part 5 is located. There are also two bars 6 on the plate. The replaceable plate is fixed to the base by means of six threaded connections (in this case, screws). Also in the base there are two installation slots located on the axes of symmetry of the plate. Two quick-detachable bushings 7 are arranged on plates 6 of replaceable plate 4. The clamp-cover 3 is made rotatable, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time for removing and installing the part into the device. The base 1 is mounted on the machine table and is bolted to it on both sides. Further, the workpiece 5 to be treated is set by the base surface on the plane of the tool (on the plate in the centerfold) so that the axes of the drilled holes are arranged vertically, corresponding to the direction of the working feed of the drill. After being fixed in this position, the clamp-cover 3 is shifted onto the blank. And clamp it with the supply of the pneumatic cylinder rod.. In this way, maximum effect of hole treatment is achieved when using this device.

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