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Application of thermal circuit of CHP

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The schematic thermal diagram of the CHPP shows the technological connection of all the main elements of the station and their role in the technological process of heat and electric energy generation, determines the direction of the main flows of steam, condensate, feedwater, as well as their parameters. Typically, thermal circuit elements are placed in a specific sequence in a drawing. As a rule, in the upper left corner there is a steam generator (SG) with the highest operating parameters. Other elements are arranged clockwise in order of decreasing and then increasing parameters of main working flow. Therefore, steam from the SG (first phase) is sent to the high pressure cylinder (HPC) of the turbine through the high pressure pipeline. Part of steam is directed through the first, second and third extractions in the cylinder to regenerative heating to high-pressure heaters PVD1 - PVD3 and deaerator. From the last HPC extraction, one part of the steam (design) goes to production needs (Dp), the second part goes to the low-pressure cylinder (LPC) of the turbine. It has four takeoffs, through which a smaller part of the steam is distributed to the low-pressure heaters PND4 - PND5, from these takeoffs a significant part of the steam enters the network heaters SP1, SP2 to maintain the temperature schedule in the heat networks. The remaining steam, having passed the last stage of the LPC, is sent to the condenser.

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