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Small Machinery Mechanical Assembly Shop and Wood Mill Container Shop

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Architectural and structural design. Plans, elevations, sections, plot plan, wall section. There is a note

Project's Content

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1. Introduction

2. General characteristics of the building

3. Space Planning Solution

4. Site Plot Plan

5. Heat Engineering Calculation of External Enclosing Wall

6. Calculation of seasonal ground freezing depth

7. Constructive solution

8. List of literature


The main purpose of architecture has always been to create the life environment necessary for the existence of a person, the nature and comfort of which was determined by the level of development of society, its culture, and the achievements of science and technology.

In the modern sense, architecture is the art of designing and building buildings, structures and their complexes. The requirements for architecture, along with functional feasibility, convenience and beauty, include requirements for technical feasibility and economy. In addition to the rational layout of premises that meet certain requirements, the convenience of all buildings is ensured by the correct distribution of stairs, the placement of equipment, sanitary units, heating, ventilation. Thus, the shape of the building is largely determined by functional regularity, but at the same time does not bypass beauty and aestheticism.

Modern industrial construction production is carried out on the basis of a developed network of factory manufacturers, sending to construction sites prepared for installation enlarged elements of buildings weighing up to 50 tons, in accordance with the lifting capacity of installation cranes.

A significant part of industrial buildings and structures is built according to standard designs. typification consists in constant selection of the most universal volumetric planning and structural solutions for a given period-ode, which give the greatest economic effect. Modern typical buildings and structures differ from their predecessors in that they are unified, prepared for construction by the methods of the construction industry.

Cost reduction in architecture and construction is carried out by rational volume-and-planning solutions of buildings, correct selection of building structures, improvement of construction methods.

General characteristics of the building

The designed building is a container workshop of a woodworking plant, provided for construction in Tambov. Designed in accordance with SNiP 31.03.2001 "Production buildings."

The workshop is part of a woodworking plant and is designed for the production of various types of containers and packaging fittings for industrial and agricultural products.

The building is one-story multi-span baseless.

It has a framework structural scheme.

The foundations are monolithic reinforced concrete separately standing for each column, as well as for paired ones .

External walls - hinged multilayer panels, consist of steel and insulation (glass wool slabs).

The coating structure consists of prefabricated arched grating trusses and prefabricated iron-concrete ribbed slabs .

The roof is slightly inclined.

The roof is made of roll material.

The building provides 4 entrances for vehicles through an open gate.

Along the perimeter of the building there is a pavement of asphalt with a width of 1 m with a slope of i = 1:12.

Site Plot Plan

The construction of the designed building is provided in Tambov at the required distance from the settlement area. This building belongs to production buildings, for it there is a plot of 160,000 m2. The section has a fence throughout the peri-meter. In addition to the designed building, there is also an administrative building, a warehouse for finished products, a warehouse for additional equipment, and checkpoints. Transport enters the territory of the enterprise using two gates for vehicles. Intra-factory paths are through. For communication between the buildings of the enterprise, pedestrian sidewalks are provided, which are located at a non-bypassing distance from roads. To cross the carriageways of roads near the sidewalks, ramps with the necessary slope are provided. The floorings of the carriageways are made of asphalt, and the sidewalks are made of paving tiles. The territory of the enterprise is ennobled with lawns and trees.

In the corners of the building, the numerator shows the elevation of the layout, in the denominator - the elevation of the relief. The relative elevation (0.000) is the level of the clean floor of the designed building corresponding to the absolute elevation 154.2. Around the building there is a pavement of asphalt on gravel preparation with a slope of i = 1:12 .

The position of the administrative building in relation to warehouses and the production building is designed taking into account the prevailing northern summer winds

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