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Road stove shop. Capacity 50 thousand m3 per year

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The course project on the discipline "Mechanical equipment of construction enterprises" on the topic "Workshop for the production of road plates" contains 30 pages of a text document, 6 used sources, 2 sheets of A1 format of graphic material.

The main objectives of the course project are: to familiarize with the technological process of production, to study the structures of the vibration platform, concrete laying and other installations and their parts, to choose the type of product, to perform the necessary calculations in order to ensure the specified technical characteristics, to design the workshop for the production of paving slabs.

A concrete laying device is necessary for laying, distributing, compacting and leveling the concrete mixture in order to form road slabs. The choice depends on performance and mobility.

Equipment for compaction - vibration site is selected by power, load capacity and frequency of oscillations.

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