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Reconstruction of the boiler house at the address: Chernivtsi, Khotynska str., 4A, in terms of its dispatching and automation

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1. The project provides for equipping the gas boiler house with modern means of automatic regulation, control, alarm, protection and interlocking. The gas boiler house is powered by Vitoplex-100 boilers from Viessman.

2. Automation of the heating system is carried out on the basis of controllers Vitotronic-100, Vitotronic-333 and the control panel of the boiler house "Signal-1".

3. As a program for dispatching, the use of the program "Dispatcher - III" is designed. Data exchange between the dispatching console and the boiler room is carried out via GSM / GPRS channel by the device "Signal-55"

4. The Signal-1 remote control is designed to control the parameters of the gas boiler house, the operating parameters of the console itself, the light and sound indication of Signal-2 using the MODBUS network, as well as the control of the shut-off gas valve.

5. The operation of the "Signal-1" remote control as part of the "Signal-dispatcher-III" hardware and software complex is provided.

6. The remote control automatically executes a request from the sensors:

- gas leakage sensor (D5);

- low pressure sensor of water in the boiler (D2);

- gas pressure sensor above normal (D3);

- gas pressure sensor below normal (D4);

- burglar alarm sensor (reed switch) (D8);

– a malfunction signal in the control system of gas boilers from the Vitotronic-333 controller.

As a result, the device performs an emergency shutdown by external devices:

- network pumps;

- gas shut-off valve;

- light and sound annunciators about the emergency state of the boiler room and unauthorized penetration into the boiler room;

- notification of exceeding the permissible concentrations of methane in the boiler room.

After that, it transmits a signal to the line of the state of the gas boiler room and the console. The serviceability of the line is controlled by the remote control gradually.

7. The project provides for the installation of a control panel of the SHUK, in which circuit breakers, contactors, relays-water level in the tank are located.

8. The boiler burner is controlled automatically by the Vitotronic-100 controller. The mixing and network pumps are controlled by the Vitotronic-100, Vitotronic-333 controllers and manually by the START and STOP buttons. To select the mode, a three-position switch (A-0-R) is mounted on the PIKE cabinet.

9. The modular contactor K-PS is designed to receive a signal from the pressure switch KPI-35 about the low water pressure in the circuit and then send a signal to the "Signal-1" console.

10. The control panel of the PIKE is installed on the wall of the engineer, at a height of 1.2 m from the bottom of the cabinet from the level of the clean floor.

11. The control panel of the PIKE receives power supply ~ 380 V, 50 Hz with a VVGng cable 5x2.5 mm² from the metering cabinet (SHO). A metering device (electric meter NIK) has been designed in the SHO.

12. All control cables from the PIKE shield are laid in a corrugated PVC pipe ∅20mm along the engineering structures with their own fastening, and along the walls in the cable channel.

13. The power supply to the sensors from the PIKE shield is carried out by a shielded control cable MKESHNG in accordance with the requirements for the installation and operation of sensors.

14. The outdoor temperature sensor is installed on the outer wall facing north, at a height of 2.5 m from the level of the clean floor of the boiler room. The passage through the wall of the cable to the sensor is made in a steel straight-bore electric-welded pipe 25x2.5 mm.

15. For the coordinated work of Viessman controllers and "Signal" dispatching equipment, a gateway-converter from the LON protocol to the BACnet/Modbus protocol is provided (allowed with the Customer)

16. A fire alarm occurs when the thermal sensor built into the Signal-1 device is triggered.

The built-in electronic temperature sensor registers the change in the ambient temperature of the boiler room at two critical points.

First: the temperature in the boiler room has dropped below + 5 ° C. At the same time, the accident "LOW ROOM TEMPERATURE" is initialized, the corresponding LED on the front panel is on, and the sound alarm is turned on. Return to the starting position occurs when the temperature in the boiler room rises by 3 ° C, that is, at + 8 ° C, the signal "LOW ROOM TEMPERATURE" disappears.

The second critical point: exceeding the ambient temperature above 70 ° C. At the same time, the "FIRE ALARM" accident is activated, the corresponding LED on the front panel is on, the sound alarm gives an intermittent signal, the gas shut-off valve closes. The accident is removed when the temperature in the boiler room drops by 10 ° C, that is, at + 60 ° C.

The temperature sensor is equipped with self-diagnostic tools

17. Installation and wiring should be carried out in accordance with the Electrical Installation Code and SNiP 3.05.07-85.

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