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Diploma project (college) - Selection, calculation and types of repair of water ring pump VBN1-3

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Selection, calculation and repair types of water ring pump VBN1-3. Assembly Drawing, Detail, BOM

Project's Content

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Additional information




1 General part

1.1 Characteristics of the enterprise, organization of equipment repairs. Repair base

1.2 Site organization (workshop)

1.3 Classification of similar equipment types

1.4 Advantages and disadvantages of the designed equipment

2 Special part

2.1 Purpose, technical characteristics of the designed equipment

2.2 Process Flow Diagram

2.3 Description of main components design and equipment operation principle

2.4 Equipment Operating Rules

2.4.1 Maintenance

2.4.2 Major issues and solutions

2.4.3 Lubrication of equipment

2.6 Equipment Repair

2.6.1 Basic operations during repair

2.6.2 Types of technical documentation

2.6.3 Calculation of basic criteria of equipment parts operability

3 Occupational safety and fire protection

3.1 Safety precautions during repair works

3.2 Fire-fighting measures during repair works

4 Environmental protection

4.1 Environmental protection in Tatarstan

4.2 Main measures for environmental protection at the enterprise

5 Economic part



Graphic part

Sheet 1 Assembly Drawing - A

Sheet 2 Working drawings of details - A1 (2 leaves)


OJSC Kazan Construction Materials Plant is the successor to the legacy of the once largest Tatarstroymaterialy association in Tatarstan. The company was founded in 1926 and all past years is deservedly included in the cage of the best enterprises of the construction industry of Tatarstan.

From the brick produced in the workshops of KKSM - without exaggeration - Kazan was built in the second half of the 20th - beginning of the 21st centuries.

The company's company products are environmentally friendly full-white ceramic bricks, the color of which is determined exclusively by the shades of clay from the plant's own quarries.

The KKSM plant produces 22 million pieces of brick per year. Only ceramic full brick.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to expand the production that is located in the city. Thus, our main task is not to expand the range, but to increase production and improve the quality of full-heeled bricks, which we successfully do. RPM does not decrease, but is added. Our ceramic full-white brick is always in demand and does not lie in warehouses.

After all, when building the basement of the building, any canals, chimneys, with heavy humidity, only ceramic full-white bricks are used. Neither hollow brick, nor, especially, silicate is suitable.

In the production of bricks, we use two main components of raw materials: clay of the Shigaleevsky deposit and the Koshchakovskoye deposit. Each component has its own characteristic properties. In quarries, clays after mining are laid in cones for laying and averaging. Raw materials with lining for one and a half to two years go into production. This makes it possible to obtain consistently high quality products.

The KKSM plant has installed equipment manufactured in Mogilev, Republic of Belarus. It is somewhat obsolete, but reliable, which allows you to produce high-quality products. Where possible, energy-saving technologies are being introduced. Measures are constantly being taken to reduce gas and electricity consumption.

The plant has its own certified laboratory, which checks both incoming raw materials, and in the process of work controls all parameters and compliance with all necessary requirements, and, of course, finished products according to GOST. OTC checks each batch,

conducts tests and marks which brigade it is made. In addition, the laboratory is constantly working on the selection of mixtures of clays and charge, drying and firing modes.

The geography of our sales is Kazan and a suburb. Our brick in large volumes is in demand by the city and is constantly bought by local developers.

Our plant participates in a partnership program with other factories - manufacturers of ceramic bricks - Koshchakovsky brick factory and Chelninsky factory KamaStroyIndustry. Thanks to these programs, in our warehouse, customers can purchase not only our products - full ceramic brick, but also hollow, and front.

The purpose of my work is to organize the repair of the water ring vacuum pump.


The purpose of my diploma work is to master the vacuum water ring pump, its purpose, device and principle of design, maintenance and repair at the enterprise and safety during repair work.

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