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Public building - metal structures - course

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Course project. Design Calculation in SCAD (Simulation Diagram Model), Subassembly Design, Drawings, Explanatory Note

Project's Content

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Additional information


Design Task

1 General structural and technological solutions

2 Purpose of steel and welding materials

3 Structural layout of the frame

3.1. Cross Frame Layout

3.2. Layout Wireframe Links

4 Collection of loads acting on the frame

4.1 Coating Loads

4.2 Floor Loads

4.3 Wind load

4.4 Structural dead weight loads and payload

5 Calculation of internal floor structure

5.1 Calculation of auxiliary beam

5.2 Calculation of the main beam

6 Determination of forces in truss rods

7 Determination of forces in columns

8 Selection of rod sections and construction of truss assemblies

9 Step Column Calculation and Design

10 Column Base Calculation and Design

11 Calculation of truss support unit per column

Bibliographic list

1. General Structural and Technological Solutions

The building columns are solid. The section of the column is a rolling I/O.

Rafter trusses are made of rolling profiles: upper and lower belts - from wide-beam taverns; posts, braces and elements of sprengel - from corners. Rods in units are welded by semi-automatic in CO2 medium. Installation joint is made on welding. Runs on trusses are made from rolling channels. The coating is made of three-layer plates with metal skins and a middle layer of insulation.

The beam cage of floors inside the building is made of rolling and welded I-beams. Steel flooring is laid along the runs.

Mounting connections of trusses and beams with column are made on bolts of normal accuracy.

The columns are fixed to the foundations on anchor bolts, the diameter of which is taken as per.

Drawings content

icon курсовой металл чертежи.dwg

курсовой металл чертежи.dwg

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