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Organization of a tire service section in the conditions of a road service station

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Improvement of the technical process and drawing of the site + explanatory note

Project's Content

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Additional information


At the present stage of the world economy, road transport for most developed countries is the main mode of inland transport and a key element of the country's transport system, which plays a major role in economic growth and social development. At the stage of formation of market relations in the Russian Federation, objective prerequisites have developed for the accelerated development of road transport. Road transport does not have an adequate replacement for short and medium distances, for passenger transportation within a settlement, within regions. Also, road transport is indispensable in the performance of special tasks, such as aircraft maintenance, road maintenance, oil industry maintenance and special equipment transportation tasks.

The process of motorization of our country should not be limited only to increasing the fleet of cars, it also raises the need to solve a number of issues aimed at further developing the material and technical base for the storage, maintenance and repair of vehicles. One of the most important tasks in the field of operation of the automobile fleet is to further improve the organization of maintenance and maintenance of cars in order to increase their operability and at the same time reduce operating costs. The relevance of this task is also confirmed by the fact that many times more labor and funds are spent on the maintenance of the car than on its production.

The objective of increasing the efficiency of capital investments and reducing costs is part of the problem of rational organization of road transport and covers a wide range of operational, technological and construction issues. The solution to this problem is primarily ensured by a qualitative redesign of enterprises, which largely determines the rational use of fixed assets and the high efficiency of capital investments.

The object of the study of the diploma project is a maintenance station operating in the Moscow region.

Subject of investigation - optimization of costs in the course of bus repair works in STR

The purpose of the diploma project is to develop a rational repair technology in the STO using modern means of labor mechanization.

Based on the purpose of the diploma project, it is necessary to solve the following problems:

Perform selection of process equipment for bus repair section;

Study the organization of work in the busbar;

Analyze capital investments in the busbar;

Analyze and evaluate the organization of labor protection in the tire assembly area.

General part

Characteristics of TransAuto LLC enterprise

TransAuto LLC is located at Moscow, Shcherbinka, 24/4 Zheleznodorozhnaya St. and in my opinion fully meets modern requirements related to maintenance and repair of cars.

TransAuto LLC is not a specialized service station for one brand of cars, which is typical for dealership stations.

The main emphasis in the work is on servicing cars that occupy the top lines in the ratings of the best-selling foreign cars in Russia: Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, Chevrolet Lacetti, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai, Opel, Skoda, Mazda and others. But at this maintenance station, domestic cars are also repaired.

The STO offers the following set of services:

- comprehensive diagnostics of the car, carried out on modern equipment;

- maintenance and scheduled maintenance;

- diagnostics and repair of brake systems;

- repair and replacement of undercarriage units with subsequent adjustment of wheel installation angles using a special bench;

- minor body repair;

- busbars and balancing works;

- seasonal storage of wheels;

- maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems;

- washing, dry cleaning, polishing;

- installation of additional equipment;

- electrical works.

The Maintenance Station shall have all necessary certificates for the above mentioned activities.

The STO has a place for parking on the street and a place for washing cars inside the STO, a maintenance and maintenance area for cars, motor and diagnostic areas, as well as storage facilities.

All contracts are concluded in the manner established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The company has a legal service that checks the correctness of registration and the legality of concluding contracts.

Design Part

4.1 Rationale for Efficiency of Improvement

The study of the equipment and technological processes used at the bus assembly site of the enterprise allowed me to conclude that it is possible to optimize the operation of the site by re-equipping the equipment of the site, which will increase the quality of the work performed and slightly reduce the labor costs for their performance. As well as the movement of equipment and equipment of the site in a new separate room on the territory of the enterprise.

I.e. complete modernization of the plant bus section.

Modernization of equipment means updating it, bringing it into line with new modern technical requirements, as well as introducing changes and improvements to the design that increase its technical level and operational parameters - performance, durability and accuracy, safety of work, ease of maintenance.

Modernization of labor means - improvement of existing labor means and bringing them into a state that meets the modern technical and economic level of production, through structural changes, replacement and strengthening of units and parts, installation of devices and devices for mechanization and automation of production operations.

Modernization of labour means is a permanent form of renewal of fixed assets, mainly tools, primarily machinery and equipment. It provides for partial changes in their design, leading to an increase in the technical level and improved economic performance. Modernization of labour means allows to partially eliminate moral depreciation of fixed assets.

However, in some cases it makes sense to replace obsolete equipment with new equipment capable of performing all the operations assigned to it. This replacement can also be attributed to one of the types of modernization and the effect of it, in some cases, turns out to be much more than from the replacement of individual components of the mechanism.

Next, I propose to consider my proposals for re-equipment and modernization of the site.

The equipment necessary for the high-quality and full-fledged work of the tire assembly workshop includes:

Disk Editing Stand

Busbar bench

Balancing machine


During the graduation project, I chose the method of restoring cast wheels on a special stand for editing. Thanks to this modern equipment, the quality of the repair is very high, the risks of spoiling the disk during repair are reduced, and most importantly, the restored disk will be fully functional.

In other words, the driver can actively operate the car, without worrying that the repaired disk can bring. This cannot be guaranteed by the recovery method with disk heating (which is strictly prohibited). It was he who, in the course of the work, it was decided to replace him with a more modern and reliable one.

The area of the bus assembly section has been optimized, modern and technological equipment has been selected for the performance of bus assembly work and disk editing work. The equipment is placed on the site taking into account all the norms and rules and does not occupy a lot of space.

This makes it possible to improve the quality of work performed by the tire assembly workshop, attract new customers, raise the authority of the enterprise by just investing in the purchase of modern equipment.

The chosen method of improving the editing of cast disks is very relevant in our time since the modern driver seeks to use only high-quality services and provided work.

Reviewed and updated the wheel disc maintenance and repair process.

Tar as I optimized the bus assembly area, then I carried out an economic calculation to update and reorganize my section. Based on the results of the calculation, taking into account the optimization of the staffing of the working site and the updating of equipment, the calculation showed that the economic payback of the project will be 0.35 years, or 4.3 months. This suggests that the company will very quickly go to a positive side in terms of the payback of the introduced changes. This service will always find its consumer, and the payback period of new equipment can be reduced if you start attracting customers from the outside.

Drawings content

icon 2-Зона шиномонтажа.cdw

2-Зона шиномонтажа.cdw

icon 5 Усовершенствованный ТП ТО и Р диска.cdw

5 Усовершенствованный ТП ТО и Р диска.cdw

icon 4 Существующий ТП ТО и Р диска.cdw

4 Существующий ТП ТО и Р диска.cdw
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