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Mall - Power Supply Project (IOS1)

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Mall - Power Supply Project (IOS1)

The building of the universal sports complex is trapezoidal in plan, measuring 26.5x36.0 m. The building is three-story, with a basement floor, and a technical floor. The roof is flat. The height of the premises of the first floor is 4.2m, the second and third floors are 3.75m, the height of the basement floor is 3.6m, and the height of the technical floor is 2.5m.

In the basement floor there are auxiliary utility rooms of the sports billiards hall and technical rooms of the building. On the ground floor is the shopping area of ​ ​ the store. On the second floor are the premises of the sports billiards hall. On the third floor there are auxiliary economic premises of the store and administrative premises of the sports complex.

Sheet 1 Electrical Load Calculation (Start)

Sheet 2 Electrical Load Calculation (continued)

Sheet 3 Electrical Load Calculation (Finish)

Sheet 4 Supply and Distribution Network Schematic Diagram (Start)

Sheet 5 Supply and Distribution Network Schematic Diagram (Termination)

Sheet 6 Schematic diagram of the shield (beginning)

Sheet 7 Schematic diagram of the shield (termination)

Sheet 8 Schematic diagram of CGC panel

Sheet 9 Schematic diagram of ShchV-1 panel

Sheet 10 Schematic diagram of ShchV-2 panel

Sheet 11 Schematic diagram of board ShchT-1 (beginning)

Sheet 12 Schematic diagram of board ShchT-1 (termination)

Sheet 13 Schematic diagram of board ShchT-2

Sheet 14 Schematic diagram of ShchT-3 panel

Sheet 15 Schematic diagram of the shield

Sheet 16 Schematic diagram of the shield (beginning)

Sheet 17 Schematic diagram of the shield (ending)

Sheet 18 Schematic diagram of boards ShchO-1 and ShchO-2

Sheet 19 Schematic diagram of board ShchO-3

Sheet 20 Diagram of Potential Equalization, Grounding and Lightning Protection System

Sheet 21 Basement Electrical Layout Plan

Sheet 22 Electrical Layout Plan 1 Floor. Grounding and lightning protection

Sheet 23 Electrical Layout Plan 2 Floors

Sheet 24 Electrical Layout Plan 3 Floors

Sheet 25 Attic Electrical Layout Plan

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Additional information


Text Part:

Section 5.1 Power Supply System

Graphic part:

Electrical Load Calculation (Start)

Calculation of electrical loads


Calculation of electrical loads


Power supply and

distribution network (beginning)

Power supply and

distribution network (termination)

Schematic diagram of CAS panel


Schematic diagram of CAS panel


Schematic diagram of MCC panel

Schematic diagram of BW panel

Schematic diagram of BW panel

Schematic diagram of ChT- panel


Schematic diagram of ChT- panel


Schematic diagram of ChT- panel

Schematic diagram of ChT- panel

Schematic diagram of switchgear panel

Schematic diagram of the shield


Schematic diagram of the shield


Schematic diagram of the boards ShchO-1 and SO-

Schematic diagram of switchboard

Diagram of potential equalization system,

grounding and lightning protection

Electrical Layout Plan


Electrical Layout Plan

1 floor. Grounding and lightning protection

Electrical Layout Plan

2 floors

Electrical Layout Plan

3 floors

Electrical Layout Plan


5 Information on engineering equipment, engineering and technical support networks, list of engineering and technical measures, content of technological solutions

5.1 Power supply system

5.1.1 This project is performed on the basis of the Customer's assignment and in accordance with the requirements of the following regulatory documents:

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 16.02.2008 No. 87 "On the composition of sections of design documentation and requirements for their content" (as amended on December 21, 2009);

SNiP 230595 * "Natural and artificial lighting";

SanPiN 2.2.1/ "Hygienic requirements for natural, artificial and combined lighting of residential and public buildings";

GOST 21.11012009 "Basic Requirements for Design and Detailed Design Documentation";

SP 311102003 "Design and installation of electrical installations of residential and public buildings";

SNiP 3.05.0685 "Electrical devices";

SP 6.13130.2013 "Fire protection systems. Electrical equipment. Fire safety requirements ";

GOST R 50571.5.522011 Electrical Equipment Selection and Installation;

Electrical Installation Rules (PUE).

5.1.2 Power supply of the facility is provided from KTPN 6/0.4 kV.

5.1.3 As per PUE power supply reliability of electric receivers refer to:

- category I - communication, automation and dispatching equipment, emergency lighting, smoke removal system, gas boiler room equipment;

- to category II - other electric receivers.

Power supply of the structure is carried out via two independent mutually redundant cable lines at voltage ~ 380/220V, 50 Hz with de-grounded neutral, AC TNCS power distribution and grounding system with separation of zero working and protective conductors at BRU-B input .

By the nature of electrical loads, the structures do not have distorting factors for electrical power quality indicators (PCE) according to the classification GOST 1310997 "Electricity quality standards in general-purpose power supply systems."

Reactive power compensation is not required.

5.1.4 For reception, account and power distribution the vvodnoraspredelitelny VRU3SM1320 UHL4 device installed in switchboard is provided.

Power supply of electric receivers of the first category (communication, automation and dispatching equipment, emergency lighting, smoke removal system) is carried out from the CAS panel, connected through a box with an automatic reserve switching-on device (JAVP3).

Electricity is accounted for by electronic three-phase counters.

m of active and reactive energy of transformer actuation of accuracy class 1.0 of Mercury 230 ART03 type at VRV inputs, and direct actuation of Mercury 230 ART01 at IAVR.

Schematic single line diagrams of distribution networks of a construction are provided on sheets 4 ÷ 19 IOS1 .

5.1.5 Determination of the design capacity as a whole for the structure is performed in accordance with the calculation procedure SP311102003. Information about electrical receivers of the structure, their installed and design power are given on sheets 1-3 of IOS1.

5.1.6 Connection of power electrical equipment is performed at voltage 380/220V, 50 Hz from distribution boards, which are installed in the electrical board, corridor, security rooms and gas boiler room. Control of electrical equipment is provided through complete devices and through start-up devices installed on site.

Disconnection of ventilation systems and air conditioning in case of fire is carried out by removing supply voltage from the bus bars of the distribution board through an electromagnetic contactor .

Control of electric motors of fans and pumps, process electric receivers and heaters - local.

The calculation for electric heating of the structure with warm floors is carried out by a specialized organization.

The layout plan of electrical equipment and distribution networks is given on the sheet 21 25 IOS1 .

5.1.7 Working lighting fixtures are connected at voltage of 220V to the group networks of the shield lighting boards, emergency lighting fixtures - to the group networks of the shield panel. Portable lighting luminaires in electrical panel and ventilation chambers are connected to 36V voltage through boxes with YATP0.25 220/36 V series step-down transformers.

5.1.9 Energy saving measures include:

- organization of technical accounting of electric power consumption;

- Use of economical and energy efficient equipment that meets the requirements of state standards and other regulatory documents;

- uniform phase loading at load connection;

- local lighting control;

- if there are several lighting fixtures in the room, the installation of multi-key switches is used. Reducing the burning time of lamps provides direct energy savings;

- provision of regulated power losses in distribution and group networks according to regulatory documents.

5.1.10 The project provides for a list of protective measures for the safe operation of electrical installations and fire safety in the scope of existing regulatory documents:

- protective grounding in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 1.7 of PUE for electrical installations up to 1 kV in networks with de-grounded neutral;

- protection of all types of wiring from overcurrent, short-circuit currents and leakage currents in the scope of the requirements of PUE and SP311102003;

- protection against direct and indirect contact;

- distances between electrical equipment and construction structures, service passes according to PUE;

- exclusion of access of unauthorized persons to the electric switchboard room;

- marking and execution of inscriptions on distribution points, boards and control devices;

- use of RCD with nominal disconnecting differential current of 30 mA;

- use of conductor materials, electrical equipment and installation products certified according to the standards of the Russian Federation for compliance with fire and electrical safety;

- the main and additional potential equalization system with the device of the integrated grounding device (RAM). At the entrance to the building, three electrodes with a diameter of 18mm are clogged, which are connected to the outer ground circuit made of strip steel with a section of 5x50mm;

- for the system of additional potential equalization, it is provided to connect to each other, located at a distance of less than 2.5 m, all open conductive parts, including metal parts of building structures, simultaneously accessible by touch.

- protection against direct lightning strikes in accordance with GSP 220207 using a lightning screen of round galvanized steel with a diameter of

8 mm, grid cell spacing is not more than 6x6 m. Current leads from lightning screen are made of round galvanized steel with diameter of 8mm with distance not more than

25m, join RAM. Diagram of potential equalization system is given on IOS1 sheet 20.

5.1.11 Luminaires with luminescent lamps are the main light source for all rooms. The illumination of the premises, the type of lighting fixtures and their number are shown on the plans, on sheets 2125 IOS1.

5.1.12 General working lighting is performed in all rooms with provision of normalized illumination by category of SNiP 230595 * and SanPiN 2.2.1/ spectator works. Operating lighting fixtures are controlled by switches in place .

Emergency lighting is provided by highlighting part of the lighting fixtures of the working lighting. Emergency lighting fixtures have a sign that distinguishes them from working lighting fixtures. Control of light fixtures - switches in place.

5.1.13 All types of distribution and group networks to electric receivers of category II are made by cable of VBGngLS grade, to electric receivers of category I - by cable of VBGngFRLS of design sections with selection of laying method according to GOST R50571.522011 and PUE of the seventh edition.

Cables shall be laid as follows:

- in flexible corrugated pipes from IPA;

-in trays;

-in the bars of brick walls

-in cable channels.

Group lines for power current collectors are made with additional protective PE-conductor. The distribution network from trunk boards to group boards is five-wire (3L + N + PE).

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