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Machine details - drawings, PP

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Course project on machine parts. Drive, frame, gearbox all specifications, general view of drive and DBE

Project's Content

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Additional information


Terms of Reference

Source Data

1. Kinematic calculations

1.1. Electric motor selection

2. Calculation of moments on shafts

2.1 Strength calculation

3. Calculation of geometrical parameters of gear train

4. Shaft calculation

5. Gearbox design

5.1. Shaft reactions

5.2. Selection of bearings

5.3. Gearbox design

5.4. Calculation of key connections

5.5. Lubrication Method

6. Calculation of chain transmission

7. Calculation of drive shaft

8. List of literature

9. Application


In my project, it is necessary to design the drive of a chain conveyor, which includes a single-stage cylindrical chevron reduction gear.

A device consisting of an engine, transmission mechanisms and a control system for driving machines and mechanisms is called a drive.

A reducer is a mechanism consisting of gear or worm gears, made in the form of a separate unit and serving to transfer power from the engine to the working machine.

The purpose of the reduction gear is to reduce the angular speed and increase the torque of the driven shaft compared to the driving shaft.

Gearboxes are widely used in various branches of mechanical engineering and therefore they are very diverse in their kinematic schemes and design. Reducers come with cylindrical and conical gears, as well as worm pairs. The type and design of the gearbox are determined by the type, location and number of individual gears.

Cylindrical gear gearboxes due to the wide range of transmitted capacities, durability, ease of manufacture and maintenance are widespread in mechanical engineering. Single-stage cylindrical reduction gears are used at gear ratios not exceeding 5.

The most important characteristic dimension, which mainly determines the load capacity, dimensions and mass of the reduction gear box, is called the main parameter of the reduction gear box. The main parameter of the cylindrical reduction gear is the axial distance of the slow-moving stage.

In the calculation of the cylindrical reduction gear, in addition to the main parameter, it is necessary to find the defining parameters. The latter include wheel width, module and gear ratio, various coefficients .

The most important characteristic of any mechanical transmission is the gear ratio, which shows how many times the angular speed (or speed) of one link is greater than or less than the angular speed (speed) of another transmission.

The gear ratio can be expressed through diameters, or the number of teeth. If the kinematic characteristic is expressed by the number of teeth, then this is called the gear ratio. The gear ratio, unlike the gear ratio, is always positive and cannot be less than one.

Gearbox characteristic:

1. horizontal

2. cylindrical

3. shevronny

4. one-stage

5. downshift: 1 shaft - drive; 2 shaft - driven


In this course design, a cylindrical single-stage reduction gear was developed, as well as a chain conveyor drive.

To facilitate the manufacture of the drive, the maximum number of standard products is used. For example, couplings, keys, screws, bolts, washers, etc.

Strength calculations were made for contact and bending stresses, the section of the shaft under the wheel was checked for fatigue strength. The bearings were calculated by dynamic lifting capacity. According to the results of all calculations, it was found that the developed chain conveyor drive was made with a safety margin.

The course project has a graphic part, it includes assembly and working drawings with specifications.

Thanks to the work done, we got acquainted with the principle of operation of this gear box, as well as with the purpose of its individual parts.

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