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Large-sized industrial building

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The theme of the course project is "One-story industrial building," the construction of a workshop of reinforced concrete products is provided in Grodno, Republic of Belarus . The building consists of 4 spans. Flights of blocks A, G are equal to 24 m, blokovb, In - 18 m. Heights of blocks A, B it is equal to 12.6 m, blocks B, G - 9.6 m. The building is equipped with four bridge cranes. In sections A and B crane lifting capacity Qis 10 t, in sections B and D crane lifting capacity Qis 20 t. Pitch of extreme columns is 6 m, average - 6 m. Drawings: foundation plan, plan at elevation 0.0, roof plan, section, facade, ABC plan, plot plan Explanatory note

Project's Content

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Additional information


1 Initial data

2 Process Summary

3 Description and Feasibility Study of the Master Plan

4 Characteristics of space-planning solution of TEP for the building

5 Description of the constructive solution with description of the accepted

elements and products

6 Calculation of elements of sanitary equipment and areas of domestic premises

List of sources used

Process Summary

The workshop of reinforced concrete structures is part of the plant of reinforced concrete structures, producing prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs, wall panels, columns, beams and other structural elements of industrial buildings.

The process is as follows. Concrete prepared in a separate concrete mixing unit is supplied via the rack to the moulding places; At the same time, reinforcement in the form of rods and frames is supplied by floor transport also to the molding compartment from the reinforcement compartment of the workshop.

Products and structures up to 12 m long, 3 m wide and up to 1 m high, are mainly manufactured using in-line aggregation technology. According to this method, the mold, after cleaning it, is supplied by a bridge crane to the mould holder. After installation of the on-board tooling and reinforcement, the mold-laying device supplies the mold to the vibration platform, where it is filled with concrete and subjected to vibration. Heat-moisture treatment of products is carried out to chambers, where after moulding they are supplied by bridge crane. Finished products after their removal from molds by self-propelled rail trolleys are taken to the finished product warehouse.

Bench method of constructions manufacturing is used in production of prestressed structures with length more than 12 m. According to this method, molds are permanently installed on two concrete strips, between which a cantilever-type concrete laying device moves along rails.

Heat treatment of articles is performed by steam in steam jacket of mold. The finished products are taken to the warehouse after decompression and cooling. On a row with the main compartments (reinforcement and molding) in the workshop, a remontomechanical section and a laboratory should also be provided.

Drawings content

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Промышленное здание из крупноразмерных.dwg
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