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Kursova's work on Metal Structures "Designing a Steel Frame of a One-Story Industrial Building"

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Course work in the discipline Metal structures "Design of a steel frame of a one-story industrial building"

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1. Layout of the cross frame of the production building with bridge cranes

2. Calculation of the farm. Collecting loads on the truss

2.1 Static calculation of truss

2.2 Selection of cross-section of truss rods

2.3 Calculation of truss anchorages

2.4 Calculation of the support unit

2.5 Calculation of mounting joints

3. Collection of loads on the transverse frame

4. Source Data for Static Calculation

5. Column Calculation

5.1 Selection of column top section

5.2 Selection of section of crane part of the column

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The steel frame of the industrial building is the main load-bearing structure supporting the roof and walls, as well as the tracks of the bridge cranes serving the production. The main element of the structural steel frame of the industrial building, which receives almost all the loads acting on them, are flat transverse frames formed by columns and rafters. The frame of the building must have spatial rigidity, which is achieved by the device of connections in longitudinal and transverse directions.

The explanatory note describes the layout of the structural diagram of the transverse frame, determines its dimensions corresponding to the design task. The design scheme of the transverse frame is a statically insurmountable system. The purpose of static frame calculation is to determine the maximum forces (bending moments, longitudinal and transverse forces) necessary for selecting sections of frame elements, calculating coupling units and other parts. The bearing element of the coating is a truss made of paired corners on the shapes. Issues of selection of cross sections of frame columns are considered. The longitudinal section of the industrial building frame is shown in Figure 1, the transverse section is shown in Figure 2. Figures 3 and 4 show the truss links along the upper and lower belts.

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