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KTP 10/0.4 kV kiosk type

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File contains drawings of 10/0.4 kV transformer substation of kiosk type: - external view-- internal layout -- KTP unit -- cable entry -- grounding -- specifications and description

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Additional information

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1.Completed transformer single-transformer substations with capacity from 25 to 250 kVA are designed for temporary power supply to residential, public and industrial consumers.

1.2. KTP are intended for operation in a temperate climate at extreme values of temperature of the surrounding air environment, from minus 40 C to plus 45 C in the open air (U1 in accordance with GOST 15150). The air environment shall not contain caustic vapors, dust and gases in concentrations that destroy metals, insulation and FTC coatings.

2. Volume and planning solutions

2.1.KTP consists of a welded metal housing with a two-pitched roof, which has doors for installation and maintenance of equipment divided by partitions into 5 compartments: high voltage compartment (HV), transformer compartment, low voltage compartment (LV), electric power metering compartment and compartment for cabling of LV outgoing lines. FTP in plan has dimensions of 1300x1800mm, height of 2360mm, with thickness of enclosing structures of 1.5mm.

2.2.The HV compartment has 3 doors: 1) the outer door on the wide side provides access to operation by the main and grounding knives of the load switch; 2) the inner door on the wide side provides access to the equipment of the HV compartment; 3) the outer door on the short side accesses the HV compartment to change the HV fuses. Transformer compartment has double-leaf doors

On two wide sides of the FTP, they serve as access for maintenance, for busbar, installation and dismantling of the transformer, as well as access to the inlet hole of LV power cables. The electric power metering compartment, the cable cutting compartment of the LV outgoing lines, are opposite to each other on opposite sides of the FTC and have one door each. Access to LV compartment is provided by double-leaf door located on short side of FTC.

2.3.In case of HV power line entry by "air," FTP includes "air" input cabinet (IOB). IOB is a metal box with a door on a wide side, with a roof with built-in through insulators and without a floor. The cabinet is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 1.5mm, has dimensions in plan view of 420x910mm and in height of 2000mm, without taking into account the height of the bushing insulators. IOB is installed on the FTP roof, on a special site, above the HV compartment, providing entry of the HV line. Bare contacts of pass-through insulators, when installed on the IOB FTC, are located at min 4600mm from the bottom of the IOB FTC base.

3. Anti-corrosion measures

KTP is made of galvanized steel sheet according to GOST 1491880 with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Outside the FTP housing is covered with Temaprime EE soil and painted with FD 50 TCL paint. Surfaces inside the FTC are susceptible to welding, also covered with paint.

4. Heating and ventilation

4.1.Venting of FTP compartments is performed naturally on the basis of PUE through ventilation holes in transformer compartment doors and FTP pediments. Ventilation calculation is given in Appendix 1.

5. Electrical part

5.1.KTP provides for installation of power transformers of TMG type with capacity from 25 to 250kVA.

5.2.The IGV type load switch and PKT type current-limiting fuses are installed in the HV compartment.

5.3.The following equipment shall be installed in LV compartment:


1) RB series disconnector and VA type circuit breaker;

2) Switch of VRR loading and PN2 safety locks, the RBK or switch switch safety lock with RPS safety locks;

3) switch - fuse type ARS.

Outgoing lines:

1) VA type circuit breakers;

2) RBK fuse switches

3) ARS type fuse switches.

Also in the LV compartment there are current transformers, ammeters, voltmeter, equipment for external lighting of KTP, overvoltage limiters and auxiliary panel (ShSN)

5.4. Connection of the power transformer to the switch of loading of the party of VN is carried out by the aluminum tire AD31T. The power transformer is connected to the LV input unit by PV3 cable.

5.5.Electricity metering can be arranged on both active and reactive energy meters, on combined meters. In the metering compartment, equipment can be installed for the implementation of the ASKUE system. Each power metering compartment is provided with a heater.

5.6. Internal lighting of compartments at voltage 220V is arranged in FTC using filament lamps.

6.Grounding and lightning protection

The FTP provides a combined grounding device for electrical installation up to 1kV (PUE.1.7.57). The internal grounding circuit is the welded housing of FFCP rigidly connected to the external grounding conductor. Resistance of grounding device according to PUE.1.7.101 is not more than 4 Ohm.

FTP protection is performed in accordance with PUE (para 4.2.134). FTC housing is connected to external grounding circuit. The grounding device used is 12 angles 63x63x5 mm long 2.5m connected by a steel strip 40x4 mm long 18m laid in an earthen trench at a depth of 0.7 m from the planning mark. The drawing of a contour of grounding - see ES.7.

If necessary, if the resistance of the grounding device does not meet the required value, it is necessary to install additional electrodes.

From atmospheric surges, valve arresters or surge limiters are installed on the HV and LV sides.

7. Safety measures

7.1.Safety measures are provided in the scope of PET RM0162001 and requirements of technical specifications for FTP, namely:

- warning posters are installed on external doors of FTC

- doors and gates are fitted with locks

- inner door of HV compartment is interlocked with grounding knife

load switch providing protection against erroneous penetration to HV equipment under load.

- on the LV side, all open current-carrying parts are covered with metal shields and shields made of dielectric materials, preventing accidental touches of bare conductors.

8. Fire-fighting measures

After installation, install a box with sand packed in 3 kg bags next to the FTC.

9. Installation Instructions

9.1.TCP is installed on the finished foundation. Lifting of FTC is allowed, both without transformer, and with installed and fixed inside transformer. When loading and unloading KTP, use four eyes located on the roof. If there is an "air" input cabinet, install it after installation of FTC on the foundation and fix it from the inside using 6 bolts.

9.2.The transformer is installed and attached by means of 4 bolts, on guides welded to the FTP base and located in the transformer compartment.

9.3. Power cables of HV and LV lines are introduced through special holes in the FTC base or through the "air" input cabinet. Perform LV cable cutting in a special compartment.

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