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KP. Calculation of pipe type heat exchanger in pipe

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K.P. Heat exchanger sugar solution

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Additional information

Job (Option 1)

To calculate the kozhukhotrubchaty heat exchanger for heating of m, liquid kg/h from temperature of t2n, wasps up to the temperature of t2k, wasps. Heating coolant - water vapor. Steam pressure of the slaves, at .

As a result of the calculation, determine:

1) Heat transfer coefficients and heat transfer coefficient.

2) Heat exchange surface.

3) Main dimensions of heat exchanger .

4) Insulation thickness and heat losses to the environment.

5) Heating steam flow rate .

Source Data for Calculation

The set type is vertical.

Heated liquid 16% sugar solution.

Solution capacity m = 16000 kg/h.

Reference temperature of t2n solution = 25 wasps.

Final solution temperature t2k = 86 ° C.

Pressure of heating steam of rams = 1.4 at.

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