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8 level building

  • Added: 24.10.2015
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The design of the building of an apartment building with a basement, 2 floors of parking (1 of which is located on the basement), 7 small apartments for three bedrooms, with a kitchen, laundry, dining room, 2 separate latrines. in the building there are stairways and 3 evacuation fire ladders. the project presents a layout plan with dimensions, table vanos, 8 cortes, building elevation front view, foundation base plan, constraints and beam floors, building plan of encofrados columns, beam joints, flat beams, etc., building equipment and electrical equipment plan, drainage system, calculation of internal pressure of communications and diagrams unifimalres, safety system, solar insulation plan, cold and hot water supply system plan, ventilation systems with calculations.

Project's Content

Name Size
icon 8340.zip
8 MB
icon IS_Desa.dwg
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icon A.1_5.dwg
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icon A.6_10.dwg
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icon E.1.dwg
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icon E.2.dwg
222 KB
icon E.3.dwg
251 KB
icon E.4.dwg
177 KB
icon E.5.dwg
198 KB
icon E.6.dwg
193 KB
icon E.7.dwg
121 KB
icon E.8.dwg
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icon E.9.dwg
175 KB
icon E.10.dwg
223 KB
icon E.11.dwg
150 KB
icon E.12.dwg
162 KB
icon E.13.dwg
185 KB
icon E.14.dwg
154 KB
icon E.15.dwg
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icon E.16.dwg
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icon E.17.dwg
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icon IE_Alum.dwg
998 KB
icon IE_Sol.dwg
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icon IE_Tom.dwg
1 MB
icon IS_AGUA.dwg
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