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Installation of a cone crusher

  • Added: 29.05.2022
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Installation of the machine can be carried out by the block method of installation. The block method of installation has clear advantages over the installation of bulk, so it is adopted at the installation as the main method of work.

The block method of installation consists in the fact that parts and assembly units are pre-assembled at the plant or the production and assembly base of the installation organization. The block method of installation involves the design of production in a complete-block design. The use of the block method is especially effective in the design of typical and repeatable process plants and complete technological lines. In comparison with the supply of equipment in bulk, the block method reduces labor costs during installation by 80%, the build quality is improved, the alignment of each machine included in the block disappears, and installation drawings are simplified on the foundation.

Crushers with a cone diameter of 1750 mm are tested at the factory for control assembly and bench tests at idle, but are shipped in disassembled form. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all adjustment gaskets placed during the factory control assembly (under the eccentric heel washers; under the inner flange of the drive housing; at the end of the hub of the small conical gear; under the support bowl of the spherical heel pad) are completely preserved and installed during installation.

Installation of the bed. Small crushers of medium and small crushing are installed directly on the foundation, crushers with a cone base diameter of 1750 mm - on the foundation plates, the position of the bed in the horizontal plane is determined by the level.

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